March 23rd Update

Here's a little sneak peak of what's coming on March 23rd. Check it out! TRANSCENDED TIEL Normal Attack: Deals DMG to 1 enemy and stuns the target. Active Skill 1: Deals 4081% DMG to 1 enemy and mark the target with "Judgment" debuff for 12.7s. This target receives 1600% more DMG from Tiel. When marked [...]

March 9th Update!

Heyyyy! The teaser for March 9th Update is here, check it out ^^ Transcended Belle Snow Normal attack: Deals DMG to all enemies or increases party ATK. Skill 1: Deals 4081% DMG to all enemies. For 11s, increases their received Physical DMG by 30%. Also, all of their attacks will be blinded. [CD: 17.2s] Skill [...]

Gallery is Updated!

Hey guys and gals, just a quick notice that we've updated the gallery with new raws for deities/keys and many other cool stuff. Check them out! -Alpha @SlayTeam

March 2nd Update

Here's a little sneak peak of March 2nd Update! Buffed Formations The following formations are buffed/changed: Brave Breakthrough (2 Back-row DPS/2 Middle-row Rogues/1 Tank) Overall formation buff (at MAX level) is now: +53 DEF Pen Back-row DPS's now has "Base ATK" buff instead of "Critical DMG" buff. Fire All At Once (1 Back-row DPS/2 Middle-row Archers/2 [...]