Season 5 Patch Notes

Update Schedule Date: April 11th Time: April 10 (23:55) ~ April 11 (10:00) Guild Plunder, which was supposed to be available tonight, has been pushed back until after the update, along with its respective GM event. Revenge of Belphegor ranking information will be reset and only new scores after the patch will be counted, as [...]

Community Rating is up for The Tier List!

Hey guys, just a quick announcement to let you know that we've set up a community vote page for the Transcended Allies. It is available here! Total vote points will be displayed at the Tier List as an average sum. We believe this function will help new players get an idea on how these allies [...]

Ally Database v133 – Celebrating 1M+ Views!

Wassup people! Today, we are proud to present you v133 of the Ally Database in celebration of dbkrblog passing a big milestone: 1,000,000 views. We, The Slayteam and Amarantine, are extremely grateful for the support and love from you, the blog readers. *internally screaming* Anyway, let's get to the main part of the update. We [...]

Season 5 Pre-registration & Update Info!

PART 1. EVENTS Good news! FLINT has then released the pre-registration page for the upcoming 5th Season Update. Hence, we have combined a guide to help you pre-register and participate in other events. First, enter this landing site (recommended on a PC) PRE-REGISTRATION EVENT >What Free 10 SSS Ally Tickets upon pre-registration. Further 1 more SSS Ally [...]