The Transcended – PROS and CONS

Sup guys~

Like every other class of allies, though proven to be very powerful, each Transcended has his or her own limitations. So as many have requested, here is the pros and cons of each Transcended ally.

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  • Most all-rounded ally with good support, decent damage and deathly debuffs.
  • Excellent supporting ally in WBs due to his 1st skill’s HUGE DEF reduction and stun (Golem/Shariet):

– 4957% DMG.
– Stuns the target for 12 seconds.
Target’s DEF-100%.
[CD: 8.2s]

…and his 3rd skill which basically is a party damage buff:

– Taunts all targets for 5s.
– During 5s, Self Incoming DMG-90%, party ATK+500% + party full Immunity.
– After 5s, deals back 5165% of received DMG to a target with 1825% Piercing DMG and 100% ACC.
[CD: 25s]

  • The Man of Steel in PVP/Tag Match due to his passives:

– Self-STR+28%, STA+22% for 17s everytime an ally/enemy dies or is revived. Stacks up to 5 times.
– Also, his incoming normal ATK-50% and he is immune to instakill.

… and a monster in killing off enemies’ buffs with his MAX:

– When hit, has 30% chance to summon a Dragon to deal 1227% DMG to all targets.
– Removes all buffs and additionally deals 545% DMG per removed buff. – All targets’ ATK-45% for 18s.
[CD: 6.5s]


  • Deathcrown somehow leans towards the Support role; his damage is minimal comparing to other allies.
  • Due to lower damage output, his dungeon clear speed alone is the slowest amongst the DPS Transcended when placing as your first Transcended.
  • Also, when he uses his Taunt, he slows whole team down since he needs to finish his animation before they can move on.
  • Pluto, his material, sucks at almost every PVE mode.
  • Requiring a solid team to show full potential.

VERDICT: Generally, though being a bit too advanced for new players, TDC is the best Support/Tank/DPS you could find. Thus, I would recommend that you make him after your team has been solid enough to fully utilize his awesomeness.




  • A good contender in all PVP fields due to her skill set with 3 AOE Debuffs/Stuns/Buff Steal which work in synergy with each other:

1. 3029% AOE DMG.
– Casts 3 “Chill of Death” marks upon all targets for 15s.
[CD: 11.2s]

2.3218% of DMG.
– Stuns all targets for 11 seconds.
– On Marked targets, deals another 3700% DMG per mark.
[CD: 13.1s]

3. For 4s, deals 1514% DMG (with 355% Piercing DMG) per 0.5 second. (Total accumulated DMG upto 12112% DMG with 2840% Piercing DMG)
– Steals beneficial buffs.
– Self Invincibility during the casting time (This skill cannot be interrupted).
– Self Heals with the dealt DMG.
– Has a chance to stun all targets and inflicts “Chill of Death” mark onto them.
[CD: 16.1s]

…Once she activates her 3rd active, even an all-ULTIMATE Key team will go down in flame. In the other words, all hell breaks loose.

  • These skills will also benefit you with fast dungeon clear speed.


  • A total flop in World Boss with no ability leaning towards the field (well of course, she was meant for PVP).
  • With the recent release of Transcended Farrah (1st skill), her ability to one-hit-ko in PVP is limited.
  • She became a bit lackluster recently with the release of better PVP allies such as Gaela and Mikaela.
  • Easy to be killed without the MAX passive.
  • Normal attacks seem to be never used due to fast cooldowns (when pairing with Helios).
  • Gaia faced the same problem.

VERDICT: Despite possessing insane PVP ability, she is a major disappointment, especially with the better PVP allies released recently. So I would not recommend that you make her during this time.




  • Good PVP/PVE ability with his insta death debuffs on almost every of his skill:

Inflicts “Destroyer” debuff onto a target.
The debuff will instantly kill targets with 4 stacks.
(The debuff is not effective on Boss type units, thus only more damage to them.)

… and the summon skill which summons up to 3 versions of himself:

– Summons his “alter ego” for 14 seconds. For 1s he cannot be attacked.
– During the duration of his alter egos’ summon, self Piercing DMG+209% (stacks 3 times).
– The damage he receives will be shared between him and his “alter egos”.
– His alter egos are immune to DMG.
[CD: 15s]

  • Easiest Transcended to obtained through Buster Mission [read the guide here]
  • Insane damage output: high dungeon clear speed -> Recommended for beginner to start with.
  • Decent damage to bosses with his skills (3x damage to bosses).
  • Stigma is a decent buster key for raid.


  • Too many counters: Blackaria, Farrah, Mikaela, Gaela -> TGS faces extreme limitation in PVP in recent releases.
  • Long skill cooldowns: 19s for his Single DMG and 24s for his AOE DMG.
  • Little to no sustainability: he has no self-resurrection and no self-damage reduction.
  • The Death Debuffs can be removed.

VERDICT: Transcended Greysoul is a good, if not the best, Transcended Ally for starter to advance in game in both PVP and PVE. However, in later game, due to the huge number of counter-allies, his role will become diminished; thus you will need a better Transcended to stay relevant.




  • The only Transcended to-date that has the ability to resurrect other Transcended.
  • Boasts a wide range of ability in every mode with Revival/Buff/Cleanse/AOE Heal kit:

– Revives 2 allies (100% HP) and grants them 8s invincibility.
– Also if revived ally holds a key, revives the key state.
– Their ATK+191%.
[CD: 32s]

Cleanses all debuffs of all allies.
– Party ATK+270%, ATK SPD +34% for 13s.
This buff stacks up to 2 times.
[CD: 15.5s]

– Grants self-immunity for 3 seconds.
– 1450% AOE Heal.
– 154% AOE Continuous Heal every second for 6 seconds.
[CD: 7.1s]

  • EXTRA-high self-survivability with:

Her 1st passives: Any debuff cast upon Blackaria will only last 1s.

and if that doesn’t sound op enough, in her MAX form, she is literally IMMORTAL:

– 5s after Blackaria’s death, she will revive herself with 100% HP.
– Resets all Cooldowns and grants self invincibility for 5s (unremovable)
[CD: 12s]

This means that no matter how hard you hit her, she will ALWAYS come back to life after 5s.

  • Unremovable invincibility upon her death for all team members which works like a charm in PVP:

– Grants party invulnerability 8s when Blackaria dies (unremovable).
[CD: 41.7s]

  • In general, she is hands down the goddess of supporter/healer.


  • Her 2nd active buffs are sadly… removable. This makes Transcended Farrah get chosen instead of her as main buffer in Golem/Guild Adventure.
  • Epsilon is in the pit of flopness.

VERDICT: Inb4 you think she is replaced by Transcended Farrah, the answer is NEVER since her kit is indispensable in PVP modes. Thus, she is still the most useful Transcended Ally to-date and I’d recommend that you make her as soon as you have a solid team 😛




  • Extraordinary normal attacks – the best ally with multiple effects on his normal attacks [AOE – DEF reduction – maximized damage up to 500%/hit].
  • A specialist in AOE damage.
  • Hands down the best World Bosses/PVE damage dealer due to his skill set:

Active 1: 2817% AOE DMG.
– Removes all buffs.
Targets’ DEF-77%, are stunned for 12s.
[CD: 14.6s]

Active 2: 2695% AOE DMG.
DOT DMG debuff (immune to dispel): 320% DMG per sec for 16s.
– Self Normal ATK+120%. [CD: 17.5s]

Active 3: For 11s:
– Self-ATK SPD+162%, ATK+255% and avoids all targets’ attacks.
[CD: 25s]

Passive 1: During normal attacks, reduces all targets’ DEF by 20% for 10 seconds.
– His normal attack does at maximum 100% DMG, if there’s less than 4 enemies 500% DMG is spread amongst them.

MAX: Increases self-ATK upon enemies that hit him by 15% each hit. This debuff stacks 30 times and does not disappear.

  • In short, he is all about the damage to the PVE monsters 😛
  • Also, Ouranos is a good raid key to have.


  • Lack of PVP-oriented skills and effects. Also lack of self-sustainability in high end PVP scenes as the attack avoidance buff is removable. Thus, he is likely to be the first to be killed.

VERDICT: Despite of his lack of PVP ability, do not hesitate to make him if you want a TREMENDOUS boost to your WB scores.




  • Short cooldowns.
  • Best Transcended design :3
  • High PVP potential with her combos of normal attack + active skill 1:

Normal attack: Throws a target into the air.

-> Active skill 1: 6194% DMG (100% ACC) only when the target is on mid-air or Bosses.
[CD: 7.9s]

and her 2nd active skill, which removes any summon off the field:

– 3254% DMG (100% Critical)
– Instantly removes all summons or alter egos.
[CD: 19.3s]


  • Huge sustainability and offensiveness with a number of self-buff:

Active 3: For 10s:
– ATK SPD+107%.
Removes debuffs upon Gaela for every second.
[CD: 16.6s]

Passive 1: – When attacking, has a chance grants herself a “Sword” buff.
– “Sword” buff increases self-ATK by 106% for 5s (this buff is immune to dispel).
(Stacks up to 7 times)

MAX: When her “Sword” buffs are stacked up to 7 times, this skill will be activated:
For 8s, increases self-ATK SPD by 102%, ATK+1000% and increases self-ATK by 60% ATK everytime she attacks. While in this state, she is immune to any debuff, is able to remove all buffs of enemies on every of her attacks. Also, her ATK are all critical. Everytime she kills an enemy under this buff, this buff’s duration is increased by 2s.

Passive 2: For every 1% HP Gaela loses, she gains 1% DMG Reduction.

  • Because of her MAX, she can deal a crapload of DMG onto bosses too. This makes her somewhat very well-rounded.


  • As a normal attack-based ally, she is hard to be in a team with Supporter like Helios since cooldowns reduction will mess up her ability and her combos. And we all know how crucial Helios is.
  • Without her MAX passive, she is not that good comparing to other unmaxed Transcended.
  • Ragnarok is as trashiest as he could get.

VERDICT: She might be the most well-rounded DPS in game, but as she is such an advanced Transcended, I’d recommend that you make her once your team is at high-end state.




  • The Best World Boss supporter with her buff and her MAX passive:

Party ATK+200% for 15.5s. Stacks 2 times.
[CD: 19s]

Party Boss DMG+48%.

  • Decent PVP/PVE abilities/sustainability due to her having two baddass summons:

Red Armored Izarcs deals 3029% DMG to all enemies while stuns and bleeds them occasionally. Additionally, Blue Armored Izarc is able to take damage that caused by direct attacks for Ravengale and deals back 500% DMG whenever he gets hit.

and in her MAX, she even doubles their STA and STR.

  • As a result, she is an annoying opponent in Tag Match once she sumons her two Izarcs.
  • Sasha, her material, is a decent yet unpredictable key to have.
  • In general, she is all about the World Bosses!


  • With the existence of Gaela, Ravengale is no good in PVP facing her 2nd summon wipe skill.
  • Without her two Izarcs, she is as vulnerable as a paper.
  • The buffs are removable.

VERDICT: She might not be a good PVP ally, but she can skyrocket your WB scores with proper setup. Definitely a must if you are into WBs 😛




  • The true nightmare in PVP scene where she 1v1 everyone and stays winning (QUEEN!) with her 3rd skill:

For 12s:
– Self ATK+447%, ATK SPD+109%, Self-Incoming DMG-67%.
– Adds 224% Piercing DMG and 364% Boss DMG to all of her attacks; also grants self Immunity to all status effects.
– 1v1 state (activated once per skill): Mikaela will select 1 target to 1v1 with her and only uses normal attacks and removes buffs one by one. While 1v1 is performed, any other character on the field will be immobilized including your allies.
[CD: 29s]

  • Across her passive skills, she boasts a huge number of offensiveness enhancements:

Passive 1: Summons a genie pet to fight with her. The pet doesn’t take any damage.
– Mikaela’s Normal ATK deals 100% DMG, A.Skill 1 deals additionally 3017% DMG, A.Skill 2 deals additionally 1743% DMG.
If she kills an enemy in 1v1 state, she increases self Piercing DMG by 287%, CD reduction by 50% and cancels death passives on her attacks for 8s.

MAX: – Adds 500% Piercing DMG to all of her attacks.

and the 3rd active just mentioned above.

  • Also, she possesses extraordinary survivability without the need of invincibility bubbles or avoidance buff:

– She receives 35% less DMG from enemies that was hit with her normal attack debuffs.

– Reduces all incoming DMGs to the most minimal number.

– Self heals.

  • Stun lock (100% ACC) which is EXTREMELY useful in WB Golem:

– 6235% DMG
– Removes all buffs.
Stuns with 100% ACC for 8s.
[CD: 16.3s]

  • Tyr is the most useful key to raid and other PVE fields 😛


  • Low PVE value especially in RoB (you don’t even want to take her there, really) and other WBs (except for mentioned Golem).

VERDICT: Definitely a must have for them extra PVP points (moar rupiass!) and Golem’s stun lock.




  • Hands down the best buffer in World Bosses that wipe buffs like they hand out ice cream in a summer camp. With the combination of her 1st skill, her passive and her MAX, she’s a big f**k you in Transcended Blackaria in WB:

Active 1: – Bestows the “Seeds of Life” buff to all allies for 12.6s to prevent Insta-death debuffs.
– After 12.6s, heals 1470% to all allies.
– This buff is unremovable.
[CD: 29.2s]


Passive 2:  Party Overall DMG output+56%


MAX: – Seeds of Life (A.Skill 1) will additionally increases Party ATK by 540%, ATK SPD by 48%.

  • Also a good DPS in Hydra World Boss with her DOT damage and her MAX:

– Debuffs all enemies with Seed of Nightmare.
– Seed of Nightmare removes buffs one by one every sec and deals 502% of DOT DMG for 6s.
– This debuff is unremovable.
[CD: 16.3s]


MAX: Seeds of Nightmare (A.Skill 2) after the duration will explode and deals 6700% DMG.

  • An annoying debuffer in Arena/PVP fields with the combination of her MAX and the third skill:

Plants Seeds of Eden onto enemies which will bloom (or activated) after 3s.
For 6s, all enemies are debuffed with 2s heal prevention every second.
[CD: 24s]


MAX: Seeds of Eden (A. Skill 3) will also prevent enemies from receiving buffs.

  • A Greysoul/Brightspark/any PVP oriented ally-killer with her 1st skill:

– Bestows the “Seeds of Life” buff to all allies for 12.6s to prevent damage that instantly kills her allies.

  • Finally, the finest cleanse ability with her normal attacks and her passive:

Normal attack: Cleanses and heals an ally.


Passive 1: Removes one by one debuffs upon all allies and heals them by 15% HP (CD: 2s)


  • While she excels at keeping her allies alive, she lacks one important factor: Revival comparing to Blackaria’s. This makes her less desirable in PVP fields than Blackaria.
  • Also in PVP, before she activates her 1st skill, her allies will be more vulnerable being with her than with Blackaria. The case gets more serious when she is stunned or even killed off first.
  • Her 1st skill only procs once per time.
  • And finally, did I mention “with her MAX passives” a lot? Yes, that’s one of the biggest cons too. You’ll have to max her to actually utilize her potential in WBs.
  • Shiva is a so-so priest key.

VERDICT: She will become a must have in high-end teams, but she needs her MAX skill to stay relevant. So if you have to resources and the priority to max her, make sure to get her for a more competitive game.




  • Hands down the best AOE damage dealer and crowd controller in PVP scene with his deadly Cooldown/ATK SPD/Debuff Duration kit:

Normal Attack: Decreases all enemies‘ ATK SPD

Skill 1: – 3502% DMG.
– Hit enemies will have their skill CDs suspended (meaning they cannot use active skills whatsoever) for 13s.
[CD: 18s]

Skill 2: – 3692% DMG.
– Enemies’ debuff duration+30%, buff duration-30% for 14.9s.
[CD: 18.9s]

And if that doesn’t sound op enough, he can spam those two skills without CDs with his 3rd skill:
– Reset CD of Active Skill 1 and 2.
For 8s:
– Active skill 1 and 2 ignore their own cooldowns (which means he can cast them without the CDs).
– Fryderyk’s skill damage increases by three times.
– This skill is not affected by CD initialization skills.
[CD: 20s]

Also, when he dies, he delivers one last blow with his death passive:

– If he dies, deals 5022% DMG to all enemies and removes all buffs (100% ACC). (Magic / Ranged). And his MAX further makes all enemies powerless upon his death.

and he can cancels resurrection with one of the passive:s

– Returns one enemy back to death state for 4s if it is resurrected.

  • Literally with this kit he is too deadly to be true – a monster in PVP.
  • Also, with his kit, he’s great for Golem/Hydra where he locks their debuffs, especially stuns/dot dmg from other allies.
  • He’s also a good buffer with his passive which increases all allies’ basic stats by 36%.


  • Squishy!!! Too squishy because he has no survivability. He literally have no DMG reduction/self-resurrection or any skill that can boost his defensive stats – a big con.
  • Morgana won’t help you much in any other contents aside from PVP.
  • Somehow, he doesn’t work well with the current Shariet because it clears debuffs too fast.
  • His death passive may not proc if it is cancelled by Transcended Deathcrown or Mikaela.

VERDICT: Fryderyk is essential for arena and Golem/Hydra. Make sure you get him as soon as possible, he’ll boost your score by a good bunch. However, make sure you have someone to shield him as he’s super super vulnerable.




  • A good supporter in PVE with her channeling skill:

– For 5s, casts a blessing upon allies. During the casting time, she is invulnerable (immune to dispel).
– For every sec, party ATK+280%, ATK SPD+14%.
[CD: 32s]

This skill stacks up the ATK to 280%x5 = 1400% – VERY USEFUL FOR WBS!

Also, her MAX increases party Skill ATK and provides Party Protective Shield.

  • Strong self-survivability and party’s survivability support with her normal ATK and her passive skill which cancel enemies’ Critical DMG:

Normal Attack: Debuffs 1 target with “Punished” debuff and splashes DMG to other enemies. “Punished” enemies cannot land critical hits on their attacks.

Passive 1: – Invalidates any critical DMG upon herself, even with 100% Critical Chance Skills.

Also, she always grants herself a protective shield of 400% of her ATK and this shield regains every 3s after it disappears.

  • Indispensable support for PVP with her party revive, which works in synergy with Transcended Blackaria:

– Resurrects all allies with 100% HP when she dies.

  • 100% chance to stun on her 1st skill, which works in synergy with Transcended Fryderyk in World Bosses:

– 3315% DMG.
– Additional 5576% DMG and stun for 8s (100% ACC) to enemies under “punished” debuff.

  • Askr is a great key to get and is one of the recommended starting keys -> so it’s easy to obtain Transcended Kymael.


  • Her buffs are sadly removable -> Thus, some other better buffers are preferred when it comes to World Bosses.
  • Her death passive may not proc if it is cancelled by Transcended Deathcrown or Mikaela.
  • Her 2nd skill is very… underwhelming.
  • As a Paladin, don’t expect she does anything much on 1v1 scene; unless you want the fight to be absurdly long.

VERDICT: I recommended that you get her as soon as you ULTIMATE your Askr for better PVP/PVE scores and survivability for your own team in PVE modes.



Tinuvian, The Lethal Poison

Tinuvian the Lethal Poison
Tinuvian, The Lethal Poison – Skill
AFFILIATION Awakened Heroes Stats at level 99
Bow Stats at level 99+ULTIMATE

Also known as the queen of DOT damage, Tinuvian is probably the best DPS ally in-game , especially in PVE fields.


A. PvE/PvP abilities:

  • Tinuvian is a special DPS ally with a fast ATK SPD (70) and DOT damage all over her skill set AND her normal attacks. These factors builds up a fast and extremely deadly killer who is capable of dealing damage effectively as both single targeted and AOE.


  • Her first skill deals 1837% damage to a single target while debuffs him with poison. However, she doesn’t stop on a single target and spreads her poison to surrounding enemies with 620% splash damage.
  • The second skill takes killing awesomeness to a whole new level with 842% of AOE damage while poison all enemies.
  • The funny/overpowered thing about these two skills is that they both leave the enemy party with AOE DOT damage of 250% for 8s. This together with her quick poisonous normal attacks guarantee a never-ending poison feast to your enemy party, which is f*cking op!
  • If you are still unconvinced of her ability, her 3rd buff skill and the second passive will promise you the best damage output to your enemies. They increase her DEX by 21%, ATK by 69% while bestows her quiver with 100% critical dot damage for the course of 13 seconds (which is enough for her to kill off everyone standing in her way).
  • When I first saw Tinuvian’s skill set, I immediately deemed her as the opest ally ever released. Not only she is able to deal a shizload of damage but also stays relevant with great survivability. Her first passive allows her to heal herself with 46% of the damage dealt to enemies when her HP is lower than 60%.
  • Thus, in PVE, she has been the most useful and powerful ally to date. I myself was able to clear Legend map with her being in MAXED enhancement and 90 lvl gears.
  • Her role in WB is undeniable. Once you have her in your Golem or Hydra team (where she shines the most), she will account for 70%~80% damage points in overall points. Definitely consider getting her if you’re running low on your WB scores. Yet, her role in Shari seems non-existent due to Shari being a defensive WB.


  • However, in PvP, with the presence of immunity buff and debuff clearance and subjectively, her lack of debuff and buff clearance, her power is limited, especially in Buster Arena. Nevertheless, using her in Arena is not a bad choice either.

B. Equipments/Skill Card:


  • Varying Damage Cards (above) are the best card for Tinuvian. If you don’t know what this card does, this is my theory:
    • We all know that there is a MIN ATK stat and a MAX ATK stat which makes up to the ATK stat on the stat page. This card will adds a certain amount of NORMAL ATTACK damage to that MAX ATK stat. This makes Tinuvian’s damage on her normal attacks become deadlier.
  • Weapon effects-wise, give her CDR, DEF reduction or Additional DOT DMG will make her enemies more vulnerable. Note that you don’t have to give her 2x CDR, her normal attacks need enhancing too!
  • Tinuvian’s best weapon stat would be Crit DMG, Crit Chance, ACC and Defense Penetration. On the other hand, her armor stats should carry defensive stats such as DEF, EVA, Debuff Resist, Immunity and CRIT damage reduction to boost her survivability. Also, consider giving her the Arena Earrings with Crit DMG, ATK SPD and ACC stat.

C. Formation/Party:

  • In PVE/WB scenario, putting her in teams with good healer (Mercedes, Blackaria,…) will ensure her being alive. Also, to max her output damage, give buffers like Belle or Iota a try.
  • Her best formation would be the newly added Additional Damage boost (1 Tank, 2 DPS, 2 Random).

D. Comparison to other Archers/Key holding ability:

  • Tinuvian is currently the best amongst her fellow archers without a doubt! (proof? look above!)
  • Tinuvian is a decent Key Holder (with the DEX passive), but not recommend; since you will want her poisonous ability and high damage output than caging her in a DB/DS.

E. Facts and Trivia:


  • Tinuvian is one of the three material allies for Thanatos Dark Soul – The Rightful King of Guild Battle!
  • Tinuvian has been the best damage dealer ever since she was released. The Koreans love her so much that they voted for her as their most wanted Christmas present, which was sent out during December 24th, 2015.
  • She’s the only archer with ATK SPD of 70, the highest ATK SPD recorded for an archer.
  • She somehow resembles Maleficent with her two horns.


EDIT: If you have any question about Tinuvian, just drop a comment in this post 😀

Magritte, the Doll Shaman

Magritte the Doll Shaman
Doll Shaman Magritte – Skill
AFFILIATION Bodens Stats at level 99
CLASS Incanter STR
Staff Stats at level 99+ULTIMATE

Bestowed with the ability to summon all deity allies (excluding Ravengale, herself and the Awakened), Magritte has been one of the most popular and powerful allies to date.


A. PvE/PvP abilities:

  • Magritte can summon deity allies by throwing a doll into the enemies (which stuns them at a high chance), the doll then transforms into a random deity, after 12 seconds the deity then returns into a doll. This makes her really useful in running dungeons with tough enemies (as you’ll constantly have an extra member in your party); let alone the fact that she can also buff her summons and steal buffs for them.


  • So how are the summon’s stats?
    • The summon uses all of Magritte’s stats with no enhancement level added. Also it uses all of her gears’ stats.
    • If the summon is not a INT-specific class (Archers, Rogues,…), it automatically transfers Magritte’s INT to its class’ most important stat. Thus, Archers and Rogues uses her INT as DEX, Warriors and Paladins uses her INT as STR.
  • Also, her summon skill also stuns all enemies, which is extremely important when facing enemies in chapter 3 (as nearly half of those have strong aoe attacks and buff removal). When enhanced to maxed, this skill has 90% chance to stun, which hardly misses.
  • Moreover, she’s a monster in dealing aoe damages. Her first skill deals instantly 700% of her ATK to all the enemies while continously inflicts 70% of ATK each second over 12 seconds (which makes up to another 840% of ATK, awesome?). But that’s not all, her second passive is another interesting point. The passive deals 966% of ATK if her summon is alive and returns safely into a doll.
  • Lastly, she becomes a hard-to-kill stone when she successfully summons with her -80% incoming DMG passive.
  • All of her PVE abilities above can be applied to PVP strategy too. That’s why so many people have been using her since her introduction.
  • However, her WB ability is limited due to lack of debuff.

B. Equipments/Skill Card:


  • Because of the nature of Magritte’s summon using her INT as their primary stats, building an all-INT Magritte makes perfect sense (This applies to Skill Cards too, give her moar INT, lots of INT!)
  • Besides, getting her some CD reduction gears will guarantee her never-ending summon cycle too.
  • Her best weapon would be Crit DMG, Crit Chance, Weapon ATK, Weapon Max ATK/Defense Penetration.
  • Her best accessories should be earrings with increased Crit DMG and Attack Speed.
  • While weapons and accessories give her offensive stats, try to grab some defensive stats such as HP/STA/Def on armors too.

C. Formation/Party:

  • Since Magritte is actually an offensive ally to play, she may lack defensive attributes. Thus, putting her into a full DPS team may not guarantee her the best survivability. Instead, try to place her in teams that equally provides her offensive buff while keeping her alive. Your best bet would be teams with stuns, debuffs while heal consistently. Suggested teams includes: 2 Tanks, 1 DPS, 1 Healer and Magritte or 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 1 DPS and Magritte.
  • Formation may varied based on the team you choose, but the best would be: DEF+, AOE DMG-, Reflecting DMG or Additional DMG+.

D. Comparison to other Incanters:

  • Magritte is currently one the of the two Deity Incanters who can summon other allies, the other being Awakened Belle Snow.
  • Ravengale: Magritte tops Ravengale for a simple reason: her utility is far more various than Ravengale, who only beats Magritte in World Bosses.
  • The newly released Yvante could be a better replacement as a key holder because of his stats and his passives. So if you’re a heavy Iota user, you can safely replace Magritte with Yvante – ONLY ON WORLD BOSSES.

E. Facts and Trivia:


  • Magritte is one of the three material allies for Iota – the Queen Buster of World Boss!
  • She had been the most used ally as a key holder for Iota before Yvante came.
  • When she transformed into Iota, her summons disappear immediately.
  • Magritte’s normal attacks can steal’s one target’s buff for her summon AT A SET CHANCE.
  • If you give her CD reduction on her weapons, she won’t summon another ally while another is already summoned even if her CD is ready.
  • She’s a loli~
  • Her description states that she killed lots of her aquaintances including her parents, her friends, etc. yet she’s never been conscious of killing them. Thus implying that she’s a psycho and nobody wants to come near her.
  • Her doll resembles Chucky the Doll from the horror film series of the same name.
  • Polar Tracker Tracy is her only friend. This was implied in their party effect which boosts ATK SPD for the whole team.


EDIT: If you have any question about her, just drop a comment in this post 😀