A little bit about me


Hi I’m Khang! 😉

I’m a regular guy who enjoys blogging about the KR version of Dragon Blaze – the game that completely hooked me in its sophistication a year ago. My goal is to provide the foreign community with help, advice, translation and insights stuff related to the game.

What I do here

I blog mostly about Dragon Blaze’s insights such as skills, strategies, guides and tips. I also deliver the KR tier list which includes many useful information about the allies.

Why I do this

Simply because I love the game and its playerbase. And specifically, the reason why I blog mostly about the KR version is that the international players there need more help due to the language barriers.

Secondly, at young age, I was taught to help people with what I am able to handle, which has become one of my habit.

Lastly, I enjoy helping people. Problem?

A little more detailed about myself

Real name: Nguyễn Đình Nam Khang – some call me Nam (my middle name) but c’mon, I’d rather you call me KHANG since it’s my real name XD

Ingame nicknames: Amarantine, Ama, Momma, Mom, Briaphiel.

Age: 21 (1995) – August 17.

I’m a Vietnamese!

Jobs: In real life, I am a sassy English teacher, an extremely lazy senior student, a spontaneous singer-songwriter, a vegan, an amateur graphic designer and an owner of 24 dogs (and counting!).

Some gratitude words and I promise this cheesy ‘About me’ is going to end LOL

Thank you, the regular visitors and the communities world-wide, for supporting my blog and my tier list.

I also want to thank the people who have been constantly helping me construct the tier list to its finest form like today.

Lastly, a big thank to FLINT inc. and Gamevil inc. for shaping up such an amazing game and service.

the cheesy ‘about me’ ends here XD