May 30th Update + Some Statements on my end

Hello guys! As you’ve all heard, I’ve decided to come back to DB’s world after a long-ass break and am working on cleaning my own mess on the blog and the tier list as well as improving the valuable changes Slayteam have been making to both of them. Here is a first draft of the things I’ll update in the following weeks:

  • Beginner’s guide and in-game newbie quests.
  • Various guide updates.
  • Updating the new values of skills of Keys and Deities on the Tier List.
  • CH5 Story.
  • And more to come after September.

I know it’s been awhile and some stuff might be out of date so I’m trying my best to keep them useful.

Lastly, if there is anything else that I can do to improve the blog, let me know in the comment section. Thank you and thank you for supporting @slayteam in the last few months!

May 30th Update

Update date: May 30th [10:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM KST]

Contents: Transcended Metis / Hyperion, Rebalancings for Guild contents, Packages and Events Update.

Transcended Metis | Incanter



2017-05-29 19_00_11-DBKR Ally Database Unified v145 - @SlayTeam & Amarantine (fb_ Nam Khang Nguyễn Đ.png

*Note: Metis will need her Deity form to Transcend, which is released today also. Her Deity form’s skills have been added to the tier list under Deified Allies tab.


Transcended Hyperion | Archer



2017-05-29 18_55_08-DBKR Ally Database Unified v145 - @SlayTeam & Amarantine (fb_ Nam Khang Nguyễn Đ.png

Guild Content Rebalancings


  • Guild Adventure, Guild Conquest/Occupation will be buffed.

New GM Events


From: 6/1 ~ 6/7

  • Login for 3 days: 3 SSS Ally Tickets
  • Login everyday: 1 Gem Selector
  • Spend 100 shoes everyday: 10 Shoes [Unlimited]
  • Spend 100 tickets everyday: 10 Tickets[Unlimited]

Ruby Package


Ally Package


Special Package




13 thoughts on “May 30th Update + Some Statements on my end

  1. Hey Welcome Back Ama! Hope you are doing fine !

    Can’t wait to see T.Metis in action! Also I’m very pleased with T.Hyperion, I hated his deity and buster form but this one is actually insane and badass!

    I guess T.Hyperion will be Pvp oriented and T-Metis with be more of a WB unit?


      • Yeah I assumed Hyperion would be pvp not knowing his kit but with the release of their skill it’s clear that both are made for WB! I wonder if we are switching back to a PHY dmg meta with these 2.

        I guess it will be hard to outdmg MC Mage with T.Foxy/T.Prome against Golem and Hydra but I’m sure that they will shine in Cerebrus, GA/Shariet


  2. ANyone else having trouble with the game since the last update this week? I’m using an iPhone and since the last update i just can’t get the game to start. 😦


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