May 4th Update

Here’s a little sneak peak of the upcoming Star Wars Update!


May the force be with you!


Transcended Helios

2017-05-03 18_11_59-Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets.png

Transcended Prometheus

2017-05-03 18_13_17-Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets.png

Children’s Day Gift Box


  • From May 5th to May 9th, log in every day to receive a gift box.
  • Opening the box will grant you various items from Transcendent Essences, SSS Allies, Rubies to Gems. Full probability detail is as follow:

Transcendent Essence x 20 = 17%
Transcendent Essence x 25 = 15%
Transcendent Essence x 50 = 5%
Transcendent Essence x 100 = 1%

SSS Ally x 1 = 17%

Rubies x 500 = 17%
Rubies x 800 = 15%
Rubies x 1,600 = 6%

Moonlight U-Gem = 6%
Sun U-Gem = 1%

New GM Events

From May 4th to May 10th:

  • Login everyday to receive 1 SSS Ally Ticket.
  • Spend 100 Shoes to receive 100 Shoes [10 times]
  • Spend 100 Tickets to receive 100 Tickets [10 times]
  • Raid 10 times everyday to receive 3 SSS Essence Selectors.
  • Participate in World Boss 5 times to receive 3 Transcendent Essences [3 times]

Flower Drop Event


  • Duration: May 4th ~ May 18th

Daily Dungeon Price Reduction Event


  • From May 4th to May 11th, opening Daily Dungeon will only cost you 120 Rubies.

Package Update

  • From May 4th to May 11th, when buying certain packages, you will additionally receive Children’s Day Gift Box. Details are as follow:

5,000 Ruby Package or Ally Package – 7 Boxes

2,250 Ruby Package – 3 Boxes

1,250 Ruby Package or Special Shoes Bundle – 2 Boxes

Other Changes

  • These events are set to end after the update: Shabelle’s Sanctuary, Option Lock Scroll Discount, Growth Package Sale.
  • Fixed some bugs with SS5 Quests.

-Alpha @slayteam


5 thoughts on “May 4th Update

  1. Star wars lol… I’m really happy they’re going to create events for national children’s day. Awww kids. Anyway, HELIOS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH I want to be ready but I’m just not huhuhu. 😦


    • use Bluestack app emulator then in there download QooApp then find Dragonblaze korea in QooApp and also download KakaoTalk app and set up your account in kakaotalk . when ever there is an update for dragon blaze korea QooApp will announce it u just need to click on my game and update it select install the new apk update then launch Dragon blaze and update it through launcher and voila easy as pie u welcome by the way


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