Ally Database v133 – Celebrating 1M+ Views!

Wassup people! Today, we are proud to present you v133 of the Ally Database in celebration of dbkrblog passing a big milestone: 1,000,000 views. We, The Slayteam and Amarantine, are extremely grateful for the support and love from you, the blog readers.

2017-03-31 12_23_21-Stats ‹ DBKRBLOG —

*internally screaming*

Anyway, let’s get to the main part of the update. We promised to bring back the popularity ranking to the list upon being authorized to edit it. So after a great deal of discussion/arguments, we have come up with the idea of integrating the percentages right after the rating fields.

2017-03-31 14_47_44-DBKR Ally Database Unified v133 - by @SlayTeam (legacy of Amarantine) - Google S.png

To achieve this, we need to alter a couple of things:

  1. A Weekly Score column can now be seen. Each score acts as the average sum of all popularity percentages (multiplied by 1000).
  2. Overall Rating values will not be determined by allies’ popularity ranking anymore. In fact, they are now separate values.
  3. The Ranking of each ally will now be determined by his or her Weekly Score; and rankings will change weekly as weekly scores fluctuate.

So that’s it for this update. We hope you enjoy browsing the list and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (sidebar) for latest news of Dragon Blaze KR.

See you around!

-Gamma @slayteam and @amasempai


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