March 23rd Update

Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s coming on March 23rd. Check it out!




Normal Attack: Deals DMG to 1 enemy and stuns the target.

Active Skill 1: Deals 4081% DMG to 1 enemy and mark the target with “Judgment” debuff for 12.7s. This target receives 1600% more DMG from Tiel. When marked target is attacked by party member, deals splash 900% DMG to surrounding enemies. [CD: 9.2s]

Active Skill 2: Deals 4081% DMG to all enemies and removes all buffs. Stuns all targets for 12s and increases their received AOE DMG by 40%. If this skill hit a stunned target, doubles the DMG and adds 100% ACC and unremovability to this skill’s stun. [CD: 19.2s]

Active Skill 3: For 14.4s, bestows a Protective Shield to all allies by 1380% of her own ATK. Under this shield effect, increases Party Magic DMG by 62%, Cooldown Recovery by 55%. When they are hit by Melee DMG, reflects 50% of that DMG to the dealer. [CD: 23.9s]

Passive 1: Increases Party Main Stats by 62% and recovers their HP by 6% of their MAX HP every second.

Passive 2: Transcended Tiel is immune to all debuffs. Increases Party AOE DMG by 35%.

MAX Passive: Increases Party Magic DMG by 35%. Third skill will also increase Party ATK SPD by 59%.

ULT Passive: Increases Party DOT DMG by 30%. When using first active skill, further increases the target’s received Magic DMG by 42%. When using her second active skill, further increases enemies’ received overall DMG by 40%.

-Beta @SlayTeam


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