March 9th Update!

Heyyyy! The teaser for March 9th Update is here, check it out ^^


Transcended Belle Snow

Normal attack: Deals DMG to all enemies or increases party ATK.

Skill 1: Deals 4081% DMG to all enemies. For 11s, increases their received Physical DMG by 30%. Also, all of their attacks will be blinded. [CD: 17.2s]

Skill 2: For 14.3s, increases Party Physical DMG by 35% and adds 80% Piercing DMG to all Melee DMG done by the party. [CD: 21.9s]

Skill 3: Summons 1 Transcended Hero Ally to aid her in battle for 15.8s [CD: 28.5s]

Passive 1: Increases Party DEF by 34% and her Summon’s STA by 100%.

Passive 2: When using her 2nd skill, the buff value of Melee DMG is increased by 1% and Piercing DMG by 2% for each buff she has. Stacks 30 times.

MAX: Increases Party ATKSPD by 35% and her Summon’s Main Stat by 50%.

ULT: Increases Party Physical DMG by 35% and Boss DMG by 95%. When she uses her 2nd skill, she also increases Party ATK by 640%, ATK SPD by 58%.

Transcended King Gram

Normal attack: Increases self STA and “Specs” for his normal attacks.

Skill 1: If his Spec Gauge is full, consumes all specs to deals 4110% DMG and removes all buffs. Before this skill is activated, he will deals 9219% of DMG that he’s received before to all enemies. Hit enemies will have their incoming Physical DMG increased by 38% for 14s and receive a 360% DMG bleeding effect. This effect is unremovable. [CD: 52s]

Skill 2: For 12s, his STA is increased by 100% and his recovery is increased by 100%. Taunts all enemies. His Spec is restored by 3 every second and his health is restored by 5% of his MAX HP per second. This effect is unremovable. [CD: 19.8s]

Skill 3: Deals 4138% DMG to all enemies. Hit targets will be “terrified” for 15.4s and is unable to do anything. They receives 45% more DMG. [CD: 23.3s]

Passive 1: Increases Party Skill DMG by 68% and regains 15% of his MAX HP every second for 5s if his HP drops below 40%. [CD: 16s]

Passive 2: Recovers 1 Spec upon being hit. Party receives 30% less DMG from enemies. Increases his ATK by 5% of his MAX HP.

MAX: Increases the chance of him getting hit by the enemies. Every of his attacks will deal additional DMG equal to 200% of his MAX HP. Increases STA by 300% upon using 2nd skill.

ULT: Self Heals 30% of his DMG. Increases Party ATK by 90%, STA by 25% per party member. His 3rd skill also increases Party ATK by 652%, Physical DMG by 52% and ATK SPD by 55%.

Enjoy and catch ya later~

-Beta @SlayTeam


16 thoughts on “March 9th Update!

  1. Dam i wasnt expecting belle to drop this week. I still have some farming to do For essence hopefully shes really good… but who am i kidding its belle.


  2. Why is everyone mad at belles design? Sure it looks wierd as hell but this time she really does look like an inn keeper as intended 🤷🏽‍♂️ Either or people still going to use her 😭😂


  3. can you recheck grams max skill please? There should be a mistranslation. It shouldn’t increase his atk 200% of his max hp.


  4. Does this mean belle is better suited partied with rogues or warriors for damage? If she is partied with margaret (magic ranged buffer) will that be better? Or keep it physical melee variant vanilla flavor?


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