March 2nd Update

Here’s a little sneak peak of March 2nd Update!


Buffed Formations

The following formations are buffed/changed:

Brave Breakthrough (2 Back-row DPS/2 Middle-row Rogues/1 Tank)


  • Overall formation buff (at MAX level) is now: +53 DEF Pen
  • Back-row DPS’s now has “Base ATK” buff instead of “Critical DMG” buff.


Fire All At Once (1 Back-row DPS/2 Middle-row Archers/2 Tanks)


  • Overall formation buff is now: +67% Base ATK.
  • DPS and Archers now have ATK SPD buff.


Incredible Concentration (1 Back-row Normal/2 Middle-row Mages/1 Central Normal/1 Tank)


  • Overall formation buff is now: +53% Random DMG
  • Central ally is now a Normal one:


Sacred Protection (2 Back-row Healers/1 Central DPS/2 Tanks)


  • Overall formation buff is now: +33% Max HP
  • Tanks now have STA buff.


Noble Knight (1 Back-row Healer/2 Middle-row Normals/2 Paladins or Warriors)


  • Tank positions are now changed into Paladin or Warrior positions.

New GM Events

From 3/2 ~ 3/8:

  • Log in everyday to receive 5 Fallen Ragnarok Tickets
  • Use 100 shoes/tickets to earn extra 10 shoes/tickets [Unlimited]


  • SSS Ally Package now contains 27 SSS Allies for 110,000 Won.
  • Shoes Package now contains 10000 Shoes for 33,000 Won.
  • Update to current Premium Packages.

Ended Events

  • 3rd Anniversary Package will be removed after the maintenance.


-Beta (@SlayTeam)


2 thoughts on “March 2nd Update

  1. Great timing as always :))
    Now I’m wondering whether 27 SSS Allies package is attainable by rubies or not.
    I mean, dem 27 SSSs!


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