Hey cool peeps! We’ve just come up with one of the biggest changes for the Ally Database (aka the Tier List).

As we’ve all known, the full tier list was taken to private some time ago by Amarantine to avoid vandalism. This solved the issue of people editing the data on the list; however, it also created limits in user experience. So, to solve this, we’ve decided to re-merge them into one again by introducing the Unified edition of the Database (it is now available in the Public Version of the list). Also, as a result, the private version of the list is no longer available, please use the Unified list instead.

We have also made some changes and tweaks for the list; be sure the check out the update log on the list 🙂

For now, enjoy the new update and expect more from us soon!

-Alpha (@SlayTeam).



  1. Thanks for the updates. I noted that some of the stuff like recommended deity/key skill cards/weapon options and enchants seem to have vanished. Is it possible to get them back?


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