February 16th Update [FULL]

Here comes another weekly update from FLINT. This time it features Transcended Lucienne and Windlune (as expected) with an introduction of two new packages. Check out the full details below!

Two New Transcended Allies – LUCIENNE AND WINDLUNE



Transcended Lucienne


Normal Attack: Reduces ATK SPD of 1 enemy and deals splash DMG to surrounding enemies.

Skill 1: Deals 7133% DMG to 1 enemy and bleeds the target with unremovable 700% DMG per sec debuff for 19s [stacks 10 times]. Deals 7x DMG to Boss-type units. [CD: 13.1s]

Skill 2: Deals 4041% DMG to all enemies. For 13s, increases the DOT DMG of bleed debuff by 10% [unremovable] [CD: 21.3s]

Skill 3: Self ATK+800% for 13.7s. Enemies that were hit by Luci under this buff will additionally receive 200% DMG Bleed Debuff for 8s [stacks 3 times – unremovable] [CD: 30.1s]

Passive 1: Everytime Luciene does an attack, she earns 1 “zap” [up to 40 zaps]. Each zap will gain her 2% DEX. Also, if there is a Boss type unit on the field, her ATK+360% for 27s [stacks 10 times – unremovable] [CD: 23s]

Passive 2: When Luciene is attacked by Boss-type units, she instantly counterattacks and deals 28000% DMG, reduces its DEF by 72% for 14.6s [CD: 4s]

MAX Passive: Adds 73% Piercing DMG to her attacks and self Boss DMG+102%.

ULT Passive: Consumes all “Zaps” to increase her DEX by 85%, Party ATKSPD by 52%, Boss DMG by 220% [unremovable] for 34s. Also, when entering the battlefield Luciene will have full “Zap” meter.

Transcended Windlune


Normal Attack: Increases self-DEX.

Skill 1: Deals 7121% DMG to 1 enemy, removes all buffs and and blows it away for 3s. Polar Tracy can also attack the blown away target with her sniping skill. Deals 3x DMG to boss type instead. [CD: 11.3s]

Skill 2: Deals 14500% DMG to 1 target with 35% HP or less and removes all buffs. For 11.4s, hit target will have its incoming DMG increased by 56%. This skill ignores target’s DEF and her self Global Cooldown. For Boss-type units, deals 3x DMG unconditionally. [CD: 5s]

Skill 3: Cleanses all self-debuffs and increases self ATK SPD by 63% for 8.9s. Every attack will be critical and ignores enemies’ DEF [unremovable]. [CD: 21s]

Passive 1: When Windlune attacks an enemy that was previously attacked by her, the DMG is always 100% (200% for Boss-type units). For each ally on team, her ATK is increased by 170% and Party Total stats+50%; physical DMG+35%. Windlune can detects stealthed enemies and attack the stealth units with her normal attack.

Passive 2: When entering battle, Windlune will stealth for 12s. Self ATK+720%, incoming DMG-60%. Also, disable 1 enemy for 12s and gives it an unremovable debuff that increases its receiving DMG by 72%. This skill is only used once when she enters the battle. Also, Windlune increases DMG to all enemies by 250% in Guild Conquest and Guild Plunder.

MAX: Reduces enemies’ DMG by 30% and self heals 38% of dealt DMG. Also, if Windlune uses her 3rd active, her ATK+369% for 15s [stacks 10 times]

ULT Passive: Increases self PHY DMG to all enemies by 20% and deals 80% piercing DMG additionally. Removes debuff one by one for her normal attacks. Also, 2nd active’s condition is changed to 45% HP instead of 35%. Each time she kills an enemy, her DEX+14% and adds 11% of Piercing DMG [up to 15 times – unremovable]



  • 110,000 Won Package: 5000 rubies + 100 Transcendental Essences + 10 SSS Allies + 5 U Gem Tickets.
  • 55,000 Won Package: 2500 rubies + 30 Transcendental Essences + 6 SSS Allies + 2 U Gem Tickets.


  • Eligoss now displays all acquirable essences under 1 pop-up.
  • Chat is now clear of portraits and essence acquisition.
  • Exceeding FP will now be delivered by mail.
  • Helpers are now sorted into most recent usages.
  • GM Events that have acquirable goodies will now be displayed first.



12 thoughts on “February 16th Update [FULL]

    • hello idk, is ur lucienne on max/ Ulti? im thinking of having her – since hellhawk already does great damage for now , but seeing her numbers , just like WHOA


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