February 2nd Update

This update brings us Myth Mode, new level cap and many more, check them out below!

Myth Mode


  • With new raids!!

Level cap expanded to 120!


Improvements to Equipment Synthesis


  • When synthesize two equipment, the newly created equip will inherit the enhancement, gem slot, gems, magic effect and other user-added information.

Convenience Features


  • Overall retrieving speed [ally draw/equipment enhancement/etc.] is decreased.
  • A “Receive all” button is now added to the mailbox.
  • Screensaver is now only activated when auto-play mode is turned on.
  • GM Event page now display the number of receivable items when claiming.
  • You can now manage your guild plunder party even before it starts.



  • Reaching level 120 on one of your character before February 23rd will earn you 3 SSS Ally and 30 Transcendental Essence after the Feb 23rd update.


New GM events [Feb 2nd ~ Feb 8th]

  • Spend 100 shoes to earn 100 shoes [10 times]
  • Spend 100 tickets to earn 100 tickets [10 times]
  • Synthesize 1 SSS Ally to earn 1 SSS Ally [5 times]
  • Synthesize 1 SS Ally to earn 1 SS Ally [10 times]


New Year Lucky Pouch event is extended!


Package update~

Ended Events

  • Ally 1+1
  • New Year Drop event [event shop will be maintained until next week after the update on Feb 9th]



7 thoughts on “February 2nd Update

  1. I noticed the KR tier list has icons for Transcended Windlune and who I can only assume is Lucienne. Just curious, where did those images come from? Can’t find them anywhere.


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