January 10th Update and My 2017 Plans

First, let’s talk about tomorrow patch notes. January 9th Update brings us back in good ol’ memories with various returning events:



Running time: January 10th ~ January 24th (2 weeks).

ALLY 1+1


Running time: January 10th ~ January 19th.



From January 10th ~ January 18th:

  • Get 10 additional shoes upon using up 100 shoes (10 times).
  • Get 10 additional tickets upo using up 100 tickets (10 times).
  • Get 1 additional Premium Ally Draw Ticket when buying the Ally 9+1 Package (Unlimited).
  • Get 1 additional Premium Ally Draw Ticket per every 10 Premium Ally Draws (Unlimited).

Also, special GM Events to celebrate the new Update are also announced:

2017-01-09 22_54_09-Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets.png





  • Christmas Drop Event will end with this update.
  • Christmas Shop will still be available for exchanging until January 19th.


Today, FLINT has unveiled its plan on merging Honor Gorge modes of every activity into one (in which the Transcended allies will inevitably take the rightful throne); thus, leaving no more silver modes for Deities, after the 1/19 Update.

So what does this mean to my tier list? Here’s my plan:

  • Deities (Silver contents) related information will no longer appear in both Public and Private version (ratings/popularity ranking/etc.). However, their descriptions and basic information will still be maintained for browsing purpose (without any further update – unless there are new ones to be released).
  • This January: Updating the Popularity Ranking to containing formation settings and enhanced visibility. Also, I might add some tweaks to the Content Rankings too.
  • Next Month: Adding T. Ally Pros and Cons inside the Private list and probably revamping the newbie guide.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and happy farming! 😛



9 thoughts on “January 10th Update and My 2017 Plans

    • Khang means there will be no split of Gold division and Silver division in every mode that existed before the update patch 1/19, they will merge into 1 divison only.
      As you know, the power of the ultimate deities would never can be compare to the key or transcesdend allies in ultimate lv, that’s why Khang said it will be no need keep the comparision of deities to key/trans, only the information and description for your reference.


  1. im not really a fan of looking up keys/deities in excel, but i gave a shot.

    much better infos given to each keys/deities, thanks!

    but! so many anonymous (lamb/sheep/vine/dog/etc) label, why is that?


  2. Wow it is going to be better with this new shitty accessories some people team are like gods in hero mode . Every guy has 2 million hp. Good it gonna be over
    Here is a question do you guy any active guild in kr i can join?
    I am in a complete silent guild that doesnt do anything and it is so bad and want to know if you guys can intruduce a guild to me


  3. Here is another question :
    Is transcended chaser tracy good to make because I have lota and trans margarete and want to know should I give 50 tranc ess for her


  4. Hey I wonder what ulti keys going to be used for trans awakened heroes. since the number of all the keys is odd not even so one kind of keys going to be used triple for trans?


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