January 19th Update Pre-registration Event!

As expected, after a leaked image of who seemed to be the Transcended Princess Mercedes surfaced online yesterday, FLINT has then released the pre-registration site for the upcoming big update: “The Final Transcendence”. Here’s a guide on how to pre-register and participate in other events.

First, enter this landing site (recommended on a PC)

2017-01-05 13_30_15-Become a star! Pre-booking EVENT - Beyond the end of the transcendence!.png



  • Free 5 SSS Ally Tickets upon pre-registration.
  • Further 1 more SSS Ally Ticket for inviting 2 friends on Kakaotalk and 1 more Hero Choice Ticket for inviting 5 friends on Kakaotalk.


  • Pregistration is available from January 5th til January 17th (11 AM – KST), 2017.


  • Scroll to this section of the site:

2017-01-05 13_33_24-Become a star! Pre-booking EVENT - Beyond the end of the transcendence!.png

  • Upon selecting your phone OS, you’ll be redirected to this site:

2017-01-05 13_35_03-Game.png

  • Your screen should look like this:

2017-01-05 13_35_30-Game.png

  • Click the orange button that says: 예약하기 (Pre-register now)
  • Your screen should appear like this:

2017-01-05 13_36_53-Game.png

  • This means that you haven’t logged in yet, click the grey button to log in.
  • Upon clicking the button, you’ll be redirected to Kakao’s log in page, log in with your account information.

2017-01-05 13_37_48-Kakao Web Login.png

  • You’ll be redirected back to this site:

2017-01-05 13_38_42-.png

  • Don’t panic, scroll down, you’ll see our game 😛

2017-01-05 13_39_28-Game.png

  • Click the orange button again, if your screen appears to be like this, you’ve succeeded in pre-registering yourself.

2017-01-05 13_40_19-Game.png

  • To log out and pre-register for another account, click the “x” button, then scroll to the top and click on this highlighted button (the one on the left)

2017-01-05 13_41_43-Game.png

  • Then repeat the process.

As always, I will not guide you on how to invite friends on Kakaotalk (as I don’t use the service personally).

2017-01-05 13_43_32-Become a star! Pre-booking EVENT - Beyond the end of the transcendence!.png



  • Free Key Choice Ticket and 300 Choice Essence Ticket for all players.


  • From January 19th til February 8th, 2017.


  • Simply log in to your account after the update on January 19th, you’ll receive the said rewards.

2017-01-05 13_48_05-Become a star! Pre-booking EVENT - Beyond the end of the transcendence!.png



  • Free 20 Choice Essence Tickets for 1000 lucky players.


  • From January 5th til January 17th, 2017.


  • Scroll to this section of the site, you’ll see a facebook comment plugin.

2017-01-05 13_49_59-Become a star! Pre-booking EVENT - Beyond the end of the transcendence!.png

  • Type your comment with the following format:

#Your_Account_ID# [comment]

  • For example: #FlopManalandy# Nice Job Flint ❤

How to find your account id:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck 🙂



19 thoughts on “January 19th Update Pre-registration Event!

  1. woah for the trasncend .., maybe every main char will get one ( mercedes, turq, patta, shabelle, etc) =( i wonder what material they will use for that.


  2. I was thinking they weren’t gonna touch Awakened but glad i was wrong. Sad that this means other cards will be left untouched. Also who’s the black haired girl?

    Well Transcended Giants/Busters/Souls will shit all over this anyway.


  3. This is… HUGE! They could have give us a free T for that big update 😛

    Well it will be hard to catch up but I’m always up for more content!¨

    Thx for the guide btw Khang!


  4. While I love the new rework art for the Transcend Awaken Allies… this is getting lame. Flint is getting uncreative. They’re just recycling the game content and forcing everyone to keep repeating a creation progress that they’ve already obtain to catch up again.


  5. Thanks again for the quick translations and update man. Also can’t wait for Tinu’s transcend, just imagine how much more ass she’ll get on her transcend form~~


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