An Apology

Hey it’s Ama. This post regards my mistake on the Magic Effect Suggestion part on my tier list.

Specifically, there are some entries on which I suggested a double DOT effect on the weapons (notably TBW, TLly and so on). This has been proven to be not true through recent actual testing.

The reason for this unexpected mistake is that I probably saw 6 DOT debuffs stacking when I did a test run months ago. As a result, I suggested the wrong effect for your weapons. I am deeply sorry about this and I’ve manually corrected all the suggested effects on both versions of the list as a solution 🙂

I hope to be more accurate next time and try my best to help as much as possible.

My apology and thank you.





3 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. I don’t think double dot is an extremely wrong decision, while it’s true it didn’t stack to make 6 dot debuff, but it increase the infliction rate faster den single dot on multiple enemies. So double dot on tyr & TBW would probably gonna fare better in multiple enemies content


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