Final decision on the current state of DBKR Tier List.

As you know, I published a post about some unsolvable issues on the database yesterday, which prompts out many more issues if I keep this “open to public” thing going. So, after a full night of thoughts and planning, I’ve come to this decision:

  • The tier list (original link) will now be view only again and renamed as “DBKR Ally Database Public Version” with some features disabled including: Popularity Ranking, Team Composition, Deities/Keys/Transceded Description and any other functionality that may expose the list’s vulnerability. However, the sheet’s data will still be updated regularly.
  • The current full list will still be maintained on a different sheet named “DBKR Ally Database Private Version”. However, to gain access to this sheet, you’ll have to contact me by either: this form OR by discord (user: Amarantine) so I can send you the link to the Google group that contains the file request to join this group. This will ensure a better control over people altering any sheet element. Oh and this one is also FREE (as everything I do will always be free).
  • Only applications that contain full reason/your ign/name will be accepted.
  • If after 24 hours your application isn’t approved yet, please contact me at @Discord: Amarantine.

So, I know these are some sorta things I’d never want to do in my entire time here with this game community. However, since the recently mess that some moronic trolls created on my database, I need to do this. I hope you understand and keep supporting/contributing to my work.

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Final decision on the current state of DBKR Tier List.

  1. Hi, my IGN is Aztar. I have played this game more than 1 year, server Asia. Your data is very useful and I hope you will accept me to join your private group.
    Thank you.


  2. Hi khang, first time comment here. I already sent application to the group, but i forgot to include my ign, my ign is Hiimura

    Thanks 😀


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