Regarding the current issue of the KR Tier List

Hello fellow Bodens, as you know I am the owner of the spreadsheet “별이 되어라! Ally Database” which recently has been updated with some dynamic functions such as: ally quick search, popularity ranking, team composition, etc. for easier browsing and time saving.

These functions require the sheet to be open to public which means, although I can limit the viewers from editing crucial parts of the list (data/texts/numbers), the list’s name and number of sheets, input text boxes, etc. are inevitably vulnerable to be edited by any anonymous person.

Now here is the issue: since the list was open to public, everyday single day, I have to delete newly created sheets by internet trolls, reformat the changed fields, reverse the sheet to the last clean state. These take me a lot of time and effort; just to keep the list clean and browsable for viewers. And this issue has been getting out of hand. Proof? click

So in writing this, I urgently ask whoever trying to create new sheets, exploiting the vulnerabilities just to waste your time trolling and jeopardizing the list with silly meme lyric to civilly stop; because I believe from the beginning until now, I’ve done nothing but to help this game community grow. So I think I deserve at least your cooperation on this matter.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Regarding the current issue of the KR Tier List

  1. Hello. I think you should just limit viewer’s function and let them scroll and write down the whole thing like I did in the past to find out who the best for a specific field compare to what units I already have =)).


  2. Thanks for all you do. Your list is invaluable to us and it certainly looks like a lot of work

    If you need help deleting bad sheets, let me know and I’ll do it if I see it


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