November 10th Update!

Yall ain’t ready for this

Sooo, let’s put aside all the election dramas and enjoy tomorrow update for DBKR, shall we? 😛


Transcended LLYWELYN (ULT Thanatos + ULT Llywelyn + 50 Trans. Essences)


Normal ATK: Attacks one or all enemies depending on her loaded bullets.

A. Skill 1: Immediately loads 200 Penetrating bullets. Each normal attack consumes 1 bullets and each bullet deals 300% DMG (400% piercing DMG) to a single enemy. Penetrating Bullets are only loaded if there is only 1 enemy and these attacks are not affected by silence. [CD: 3s]

A. Skill 2: Immediately loads 200 Hellfire bullets. Each normal attack consumes 1 bullets and each bullet deals 100% DMG and gives 200% DOT for 9s to all enemies. Hellfire Bullets are only loaded if there are two or more enemies and these attacks are not affected by silence. [CD: 3s]

A. Skill 3: Throws a flame into the enemies. The flame explodes after 3s, deals 8100% DMG to all enemies and stuns them for 12s. Self buff: ATK SPD+150% for 8s. [CD: 28.2s]

P. Skill 1: Each time Llywelyn loads bullets (skill 1 or 2), the number of bullets consumed in normal attacks increases by 1; also increases capacity by 10.

P. Skill 2: Reduces enemies’ ATK by 30%. For each Transcended Angel in team, her ATK+10%. Self incoming magic DMG-50%.

Max Skill: Self normal ATK+200%. Everytime bullets are loaded, self-ATK+150%, ATK SPD+20% (up to 10 times). Also, double skill 1 and 2’s damage.

Transcended STORM BEAR (ULT Pluto + ULT Storm Bear + 50 Trans. Essences)


Normal ATK: Increases self STR and rage for his normal ATK.

A. Skill 1: 3767% DMG to all enemies and removes all buff. Hit enemies are stunned for 8s. Also Storm Bear gains 10 rages. [CD: 17.9s]

A. Skill 2: For 10s, party received DMG-30%, atk+570%. Also, provides a stun shield which stuns attacking enemies for 5s. [CD: 22.1s]

A. Skill 3: Taunts all enemies for 9s. Additionally, his received melee DMG-50%, Rage gain+100% [CD: 26.2s]

P. Skill 1: When his rage is full, he enters rage mode. When in rage mode, all enemies attacks only Storm Bear for 30s. His received physical DMG-30% and he cannot receive any shield. Also, increases self ATK for 90% per second, deals 5% of his HP as DMG per second to himself. During rage mode, he cannot use his third active. Adds 200% DOT DMG for 8s for every of his ATK and hit targets cannot receive heals. When his HP reaches 0, rage mode will be terminated and returns to his normal state.

P. Skill 2: Party incoming physical DMG-10% and enemies’ incoming physical DMG+30%. For every Transcended Boden in party, party incoming physical DMG-3%. Also, all enemies’ DEF pen-50% and their DMG-20%.

Max Skill: When in rage mode, self heal 30% of dealt dmg; self STA increased by 3 times, debuff duration-50% and reflects 30% of received DMG. Also, increases self ATK twice per second.


  • Transcended Bodens will use Dragon Busters as materials and not Giants as we predicted.
  • Their materials are as followed:

Transcended Hellhawk = Hellhawk + Dragon Buster Stigma

Transcended Manalandy = Manalandy + Dragon Buster Epsilon

Transcended Arrow Trigger = Arrow Trigger + Dragon Buster Ouranos

Transcended Bliss Foxy = Bliss Foxy + Dragon Buster Gaia

Transcended Shadow Howl = Shadow Howl + Dragon Buster Omega

Transcended Drunken Falcon = Drunken Falcon + Dragon Buster Omega

Transcended Magaret = Magaret + Dragon Buster Iota

Transcended Tracy = Tracy + Dragon Buster Iota



Upon logging in on November 12th, every player will receive (for free):

  • 1000 Rubies
  • Special title “A thousand day Promise” (STA/INT/DEX/STR + 250)
  • Special brooch with the following stats:

Critical DMG+121.6
DEF Pen+80
Weapon ATK+1417



  • Expedition will now save your previous team.
  • Arena, Guild Battle and Tag Match auto panels will now display your current rank and %.



12 thoughts on “November 10th Update!

  1. So basically TRANSCENDED LLYWELYN have no normal attack ability bonus. The normal attack description is basically telling us what Active Skill 1 and 2 does. That’s rather lame and cheating off Llywelyn’s normal attack ability.


  2. i was upset that my gaia would be useless because bright spark is not good anymore
    but now there is a great mage coming for my gaia
    and i hate the update when kymael came they messed up the ess drop rate
    i have spent arount 400 shoes in dungeons and just got between 2-4 ess


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