Tier List One Year Anniversary Update!



To be honest, I never thought I would stick with a game and its community for this long 😀 So thank you for the countless times you have visited my list, enjoyed it and taken it as part of your daily game life 😛  You have no idea how happy I am to know there are people out there who support my work 🙂

Anyway, to celebrate this milestone, I put up a special update to the tier list with many tweaks and additions as well as many easter eggs (I know yall love them ;3). A full change log is just a few lines below 😀

Oh wait I have some final words: since 2015, Dragon Blaze and its community has brought me amazing moments with joy, happiness and encouragement. So, as much as I adore the game, I hope to continue this journey as long as I could. Thank you.


[4.5.0 Changelog]

– Added “Ratings by Abilities” features.

– Revised skill descriptions with many fixes.

– Revised the formula for all sheets.

– Team Composition is now simplified with new and updated suggested teams. – Guild Conquest/Plunder team comp!

– Some new easter eggs 😛

– Added a very colorful Disclaimer in “Welcome”, be sure to check it out!

#1YearOfDBKRTierList #ThankYou


7 thoughts on “Tier List One Year Anniversary Update!

  1. Congratulations on the 1 Year Anniversary !
    This Blog with its Tier List for both KR and Global Servers, combined with the great Discord chat makes Dragon Blaze somewhat special, which is really great in my eyes.
    Enjoyable and fun, really.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my Gosh!!! I just started with dragonblaze KR and I really appreciate all of the hardwork that you have put into your tier list to help others like me get their accounts primed to be more competent. Thank you and I hope that you continue doing your charitable and entertaining work!


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