Dragon Blaze KR – Celebrating 1000 days in service!

Surprise! Next Saturday (Nov 12th) marks a big milestone for DBKR – 1000 days in service 😀 And to celebrate, the good folks from FLINT have prepared a bunch of events for us, which will be updated as soon as possible. Right now, let’s enjoy phase 1 of the event 😛

1000-DAY SPECIAL EVENTSimg005.png

[Phase 1 – Nov 3rd ~ Nov 9th]

– Login once a day: 3 SSS Essence Choice Tickets/day
– Play Tag Match 3 times: 3 SSS Essence Choice Tickets [ONCE]
– Play Guild Battle 3 times: 3 SSS Essence Choice Tickets [ONCE]
– Clear Raid 10 times: 100 shoes/day
– Clear Dungeon 50 times: 100 tickets/day.
– Clear Fortress 5 times: 1 SSS Jewel Choice Ticket/day.


Calydon 1.5x
[Nov 3rd ~ Nov 17th]


Ally 1+1
[Nov 3rd ~ Nov 10th]

When completing the mission for each milestone, you’ll get an additional ally of the corresponding grade!


Essence 50+5
[Nov 3rd ~ Nov 9th]

Applicable to the 50 essence packages (both U and SSS essences) only.



1 – Critical Damage cap increased from 900% to 1000%!

2 – Magic Scrolls and Enhancement Stones are now able to stack up to 999 items!

img014 (1).png

New product: Skill Card Draw!

A new product is added to the shop:


You’ll be able to purchase a dual card or a triple card (chance!) for the price of 20 rubies (15% off for continuous purchase).


  • When killing Guild Conquest mobs, you’ll have a chance to obtain SSS essences (light/hero/titan).
  • On Monday, when participating on server-wide Guild Conquest, you’ll get another 50 rubies as daily quest reward.
  • Change in Guild Plunder time, from Tuesday 11PM -> Tuesday 2PM KST.
  • Halloween Costume extension til November 10th.



2 thoughts on “Dragon Blaze KR – Celebrating 1000 days in service!

  1. Hello Sir ^^
    Ty for your hard work mate we really appreciate It 😀
    Just wanted to ask u if u know how awakened priest build their skill tree and if u could possible add an article about awakened MC’s suggested builds.
    Ty again


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