Tier List 4.3.0!

Hey! It’s about time for another update for the tier list 😀

This update includes:

  •  Added a welcome page which contains a legend and some tier list stats. [4.3.0]
  • Removed “Tier” column on Deities List.
  • Reworked ranking visuals.
  • Added initial ratings for Transcended Kymael and Transcended Fryderyk.

*Note: Team Composition will be updated next week ^^

Thanks for checking out 😀



4 thoughts on “Tier List 4.3.0!

  1. Thank you for your hard work, Sir !
    Can’t appreciate enough all the stuff that is put into this blog.
    Very very useful and helpful.



  2. Excuse my ignorance am player 1 month I am trying my trancender greysoul it’s very hard to farm essence of light vc pharma map for 2 hours and falls 3 or 4 there is a more effective way to do this to be a F2P or not?
    Congratulations for the great work done here! 🙂


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