Season 4 Story [COMPLETE]

Translation Credits: Tinuvian (Discord), Bear (Discord) and me.

Current Chapter: complete

… After Winter Bana left with Ragnarok, Patta comes to the inn:

Boden: You are…



2016-10-17 14_48_23-Nox.png

Patta: Long time no see. Do you remember me? I was the commander back in Dragon Landing.

Boden: What brings you here?

Patta: I’ve heard about your story. You’re heading to “World Soul”? I can tag along with you in case you need any help.

Boden: …

…Princess Leah walks out:

Leah: Good morning, hero. Our kingdom, as well as everyone in this world, is indebted to you.

Boden: And you are?

Patta: Princess Leah. She’s currently the owner of Dragon Landing Castle. Show some respect.

Leah: It’s okay Patta. There is this aircraft named Noah’s Ark made in our kingdom that can take you there. It is now waiting for us.

Boden: Th…thank you so much.

Patta: Now hurry up, you don’t want to make Princess wait for you.


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…Boden boards Noah’s Ark.

Leah: Welcome to Noah’s Ark. We’re heading straight to “World Soul”.

Boden: It will be a dangerous adventure. Do you still want to do this?

Leah: I want to meet my sister, Princess Mercedes and Deathcrown. Can we meet them there?

Patta: I vow to protect Princess Leah at all cost.

Leah: This will be a long journey, enjoy your stay.

…When everyone has gone to bed, Princess Leah is seen singing an unknown song.

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Leah: I put my dreams in the galaxy of millions of stars shining inside my heart… So that one day the dreams might come true…

…Boden walks in to hear Leah’s song.

Boden: What a beautiful song…

Leah: Oh I’m finishing it.

Boden: Thank you very much for the safe trip.

…Noah’s Ark arrived at the World Soul with a crash.

Pattah: Due to the enchantment of this world, we cannot enter with Noah’s Ark. You’re on your own, good luck. We’ll wait for you here.


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Gold armored King Gram, the descendant of the Titans on the battlefield, was titled “The God of War”…

2016-10-17 14_52_08-Nox.png

That night, a prophet came to predict the destruction of Gram’s kingdom and the world as King Gram was having a celebration. Gram couldn’t help the thought of killing the prophet at that moment…

2016-10-17 14_52_22-Nox.png

However, the prophet was a beautiful lady, which dazzles King Gram. That night, King Gram visited the prophet. After that, she was pregnant with a child. Soon after giving birth to the child, she disappeared…

2016-10-17 14_52_52-Nox.png

After the war ended, King Gram took the child back to the kingdom. The Queen and Mercedes were kind enough to take care of the child. She was then named “Leah”…

2016-10-17 14_53_02-Nox.png

Princess Leah used to sing a song that no one knows. The song, called “Song of the Stars”, was passed down only to the Descendants of Titans…

Boden: I’ll find a way to the World Soul.


Leah: It cannot be easily accessed due to strong enchantment. Be careful. We will wait here.

Boden: (iconic )

2016-10-17 15_01_26-Nox.png

…Boden encountered new enemies in the Woods of Memory.

2016-10-17 15_04_11-Nox.png

Boden: Is this woods under the influence of the Dark Souls? I can sense the wickedness…

…A wild Winter Bana appears!

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Boden: Winter Bana!

Winter Bana: I am waiting for you. Hand me all the keys so that I can open the dimensional seal.

Boden: Where the heck is Ragnarok??? And for your information, I do not have the keys!

Winter Bana: I thought you Boden is the owner of the all the keys? The keys only choose owners that are strong enough. Oops, it looks like the keys have an inadequate owner. Where the hell is Brightspark and Deathcrown?

Boden: I arrived here first!

Winter: Haha… You’re not a true Boden yet. That’s why you can’t be the master of all keys yet.

Boden: What do you mean???

…Tyr appears and throws Charon’s Blade that sends Boden into The Purgatory.

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Tyr: The Blade of Charon. If you can overcome death, you can surpass your own strength’s limitation. However, if you cannot, you are no use to us.

Winter Bana: You should be grateful to us… of course, if you successfully come back alive.

…Boden enters Purgatory and finds himself fighting against an illusion of his own.

Boden: That’s… That’s ME.

Illusion: Your weakness is your limit.

Boden: No… What are you saying???

Illusion: Now it’s only you fighting against your weakness on the border of death. To get back, you just have to defeat YOURSELF.

…Boden defeats his own illusion and becomes stronger or AWAKENED.

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Boden: The power within me…

…Boden gets back to Noah’s Ark.

Patta: So… this is your true appearance.


Boden: I met a Dark Soul… And… and now there is this new energy inside me.

Leah: I’m glad you come back safely.

Patta: It seems that everything makes more sense than ever. It would be better if we had a key but even better if Deathcrown and Brightspark destroyed or sealed them all for good

Boden: No. Even if they are sealed, the Dark Souls are going to destroy the world no matter what. They must be defeated!

Leah: You’re right. We must separate the Dark Souls from the physical world.

Boden: I found a way to get through the woods. I will come back with more result.

…Just when Boden arrives at the Ruins of Gods, the earth begins to shake and there is a big boom.

Boden: What a big explosion! Is that the Dark Souls?

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I heard a huge explosion deep in the forest.


Leah: It must have been a fallen meteor. Could it be the Dark Souls that caused it?

Boden: I will go there.

…Boden arrives at the scene to see a metallic airship that looks like an egg. There is a girl coming out of it.

2016-10-17 17_13_29-Nox.png

Boden: Are you a Dark Soul?

Girl: Oh I’m so glad that I meet you…My ship landed in the wrong location. I wonder what went wrong with the engine.

Boden: You are not a Dark Soul?

Girl: Dark Soul? What’s that? But I can assure I’m not a Dark Soul. Do you live here? Do you happen to know the location of a big tree around?

Boden: If you’re talking about the “World Soul”, I’m finding my way to it.

Girl: Oh you’re lost too?… If so, you can’t be helpful. Oh wait, I feel a strong energy in the West. I’ll head over there.

…The mysterious girl rises and flies away.

Boden: Hey!!!

…After Boden left, Tyr and Winter Bana appears at the crash site.

2016-10-17 17_14_29-Nox.png

Tyr: An airship…

Winter Bana: This is a ridiculous opponent.

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: It seems that all the creatures in this land has been contaminated with the power of the Dark Souls.


Leah: We didn’t know Dark Souls have escaped from the seal, did we?

Boden: Maybe they have. But the fallen meteor wasn’t the Dark Souls. It has a strange shape.

Leah: Strange shape?

Boden: Yes. A girl came out from it. I think the meteor is a kind of airship.

Leah: What a mysterious girl.

Boden: She’s heading West to the Underpass. I’ll follow her. Maybe I could know something about the Dark Soul.

…At the Underpass, the mysterious girl is seen fighting with a contaminated Crocodile.

2016-10-18 13_30_39-별이되어라 시즌 4-3 까지 스토리 대화 포함 스압주의 _ 네이버 카페.png

Girl: Hey hey! Don’t you get me? You tell me the way to the big tree now!

Turan, Commander of the Ruin: GRRRRR!!

…Boden arrives and tries to help the mysterious girl.

Boden: Look out!

…After killing Turan, Boden finds the girl in a very angry mood.

Girl: Hey you! What are you doing??? He was just trying to tell me the way to the tree!

Boden: He was tainted with the power of darkness.

Girl: Oh I see… Well I will find a way myself then. I can feel another powerful force in the West… This time, stay out of my business!

…The girl flies away and Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: The girl was gone again… I am sure she is not one of the Dark Soul.


Leah: Then I wonder who this girl is?…

Boden: She also wants to reach the World Soul.

Leah: It might be that world tree which floated onto the air under the influence of erosion. Since then, no normal human being has been able to accessed it. The girl and the Dark Souls are apparently related in some ways since they wants to reach the same destination.

Boden: Then I need to ask her what happened.

Leah: Agree. It’s important to figure out if she is an ally or an enemy.

Boden: She seems to head West again. I’ll find her.

…The girl arrives at the Vine Bridge.

2016-10-18 13_56_29-Nox.png

Girl: Maybe there is something to find here. I’m good at finding things.

…Tyr appears in front of the girl.

2016-10-18 13_56_34-Nox.png

Tyr: This little brat? Let’s see how strong you are!

…They proceed to have a huge bitch fight.

2016-10-18 13_56_43-Nox.png

…The girl counters all of Tyr’s Charon Blades.

Girl: Hey who the hell are you?

Tyr: Is this… is this a fucking Titan???

Girl: What??

…Tyr takes out all the blades for an ultimate strike.

2016-10-18 13_56_48-Nox.png

Tyr: Bow down BITCH!!!

…Boden feels a powerful explosion caused by the huge bitchfight of Tyr and the mysterious girl.

2016-10-18 13_56_55-Nox.png

Boden: such wow… much energy 😮

…After hearing the big explosion, Boden returns to Noah’s Ark (WHY THE FCK?).

Boden: I heard a big explosion. That could be the Dark Souls.


Leah: I’m afraid that was the girl who caused it.

Boden: I will go back there.

Leah: Please be careful.

Patta: Please, Princess Leah, let me tag along just in case of any trouble.

…Boden and Patta return to the Vine Bridge to find what’s left of Tyr’s Charon Blades.

2016-10-18 14_17_55-Nox.png

Boden: Oh these blades…

Patta: This was a battlefield of two fierce forces.

Boden: Between a Dark Soul… and a who?

Patta: This conflict may have awakened the other members of these two forces. And they have been asleep for a long time.

Boden: … (well what else do you want me to say?)

Patta: We might be able to find new clues at that tower.

…Boden and Patta return to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I found the traces of a huge bitch fight between two powerful forces. But I could not find the girl.


Leah: I think that girl is associated with the Dark Souls somehow.

Boden: I’ve found an ancient tower in the West of the Vine Bridge. I might be able to find something there.

…Meanwhile, Winter Bana is meeting with Dark Soul Thanatos in the Suspended Tower.

2016-10-18 14_31_28-Nox.png

Thanatos: This place is extremely unpleasant for a meeting place don’t you think?! Where is Ragnarok?

Winter Bana: Ragnarok is busy unsealing other Dark Souls.

Thanatos: And I’m here chilling and slowly thinking about life?

Winter Bana: That’s not my problem. The real trouble is that Tyr has been destroyed.

Thanatos: What dafuq? We are amongst the toughest entities! You must be fking joking. What the actual f**k???

Winter Bana: She was destroyed by a Titan.

Thanatos: A Titan???? Much nonsense, such surprising!

Winter Bana: I fact-checked. The only race who can destroy a Dark Soul is the Titans.

Thanatos: But… We’re too far away from the land of the Titans. Why are they in this place? But the most important thing now is to reach Ragnarok. With more people on our side, we can secure the dimensional seal. Call him now!

Winter Bana: (chill bruh) I am aware of the situation and have summoned Ragnarok.

…Winter Bana leaves the Suspended Tower.

Thanatos: Where the f**k are you when it’s important like this, Ragnarok?

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I haven’t found anything in the tower. I should keep looking.


Leah: Be careful. A Dark Soul might be present in that Tower.

…Boden returns to the Suspended Tower to face Thanatos.

Thanatos: Not another f**king Titan!!!

Boden: Titan? I’m not a Titan you idiot!

Thanatos: Oh my my, you’re a Boden! I thought the key owner is much more powerful than this weak foot-walking brat.

…Boden lets Thanatos taste his power.

2016-10-18 14_53_19-Nox.png

Thanatos: Ew… I thought you could do better than this.

Boden: Now I will proceed to get rid of you son of a bitch!

Thanatos: You’re being utterly funny about this. This is my real power!!!

…Thanatos unleashes his real power.

2016-10-18 14_53_19-Nox.png

Boden: Woah… What an enormous power…

…Thanatos defeats Boden.

Boden: Dammit! I’m not strong enough…

Thanatos: I will rip every of your limb out of your fking body.

…The Titan girl arrives in the middle of the fight.

Girl: wo wo wo hold on. You’re very strong and powerful. But can you tell me how to get to the Yggdrasil and unseal it?

Thanatos: The Yggdrasil tree? You mean the World Soul? You think it’d be easy to unseal the tree? Hahaha! Wake up girl, even with all our forces, we cannot unseal it yet.

Girl:  Oh you’re not the owner of the seal? Then who? Oh gosh this is wasting my time.

Thanatos: This pathetic Titan… I’m getting sick of these races from the past. Get ready to be slain!

Girl: hey, wtf?

…The Titan girl knocks out all of Thanatos’ arrows and destroys him.

2016-10-18 14_55_17-Nox.png

2016-10-18 14_55_22-Nox.png

Thanatos: This… this is the power of Titan…

Girl: This is over, bitch.

Thanatos: You… What the hell…

…Thanatos fades away and the girl turns to Boden.

Girl: Oh you there? Are you hurt? (Boden is on the floor dying slowly…)

…Shabelle and Patta comes out.

2016-10-18 14_55_52-Nox.png

Patta: Who are you? Did you cause this?

Girl: No no, you’re misunderstanding. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll leave now.

Patta: Come back here!

…The girl leaves and Shabelle resurrects the Boden.

2016-10-18 14_56_26-Nox.png

Boden: Thank you so much!!!

Patta: Who is that girl?

Boden: She destroyed the Dark Soul. What an overwhelming power.

Patta: How could that happen…

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: It was such a huge fight. I think the girl destroyed two Dark Souls.


Leah: What do we do now? What is her identity?

Boden: The Titans had a role in the Dark Soul story. The giants vanished, did they die?

Leah: The Titans? Dad said that one day they fell from the sky like gods, but it was only a legend.

Patta: So it has to be that legend.

Boden: Yggdrasil?

Patta: I know about the tree that links the dimensions and the galaxies. Of course, it is only a myth.

Boden: All of the clues lead to one person. The memory’s successor, Deathcrown! He knows a bit about the old world.

[Boreas raid has been unlocked.]

Leah: We have no contact with Deathcrown. We need to do something within our own power.

Patta: The soldiers were following this world’s barrier, but the ark has caused delays in our progress.



Boden: Isn’t there something that controls the enchantment? Patta, we need to investigate other areas. I’m heading to the plain of the West.

Leah: Please act fast. We need to stop Ragnarok before he opens the dimensional seal.

2016-10-21 16_24_26-Nox.png

…Boden arrives at the Cracked Plain and encounters the Warhammers.

2016-10-21 16_29_39-Nox.png

Tainted Warhammers: Intruders! SLAY THEM!

Boden: What?? Are they under the influence of Ragnarok???

…Just after Boden defeats the tainted warhammers, the mysterious girl reappears.

Girl: There really is a connection…

Boden: Who the hell are you? What makes you come here?

Girl: My name is Atlas. A-T-L-A-S. (.3.)

Boden: Atlas eh? (awkward)

Atlas: You are going to the Yggdrasil too, aren’t you?

Boden: Yes…

Atlas: Have a nice trip then~

Boden: …

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I’ve just met a new race, the Warhammer.


Leah: Did you get any information?

Boden: I think they’re corrupted by Ragnarok.

Leah: What happened then?

Boden: I met the Titan girl again. She says her name was Atlas. I’m heading to the Slanted Tower. Oh by the way, do you know any information about the girl?

Leah: I know so little about this girl for now.

…Boden encounters Atlas in the Slanted Tower.

2016-10-21 16_54_32-Nox.png

Boden: ATLAS!

Atlas: There is an epicenter beyond these boundaries. This is the result of the enchantment coming from both the East and the West… Well how do I cross…

2016-10-21 16_54_49-Nox.png

Boden: We need to remove the enchantment first.

Atlas: Ah! It makes sense… Catch ya later.

…Atlas rises up and flies away.

Boden: This girl is so silly ._.

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I think I’ve found an enchantment epicenter…


Boden: The epicenter that lies between the two boundaries, above the crack of the West’s deep.

Leah: I guess Ragnarok is aware of this.

Boden: However, I don’t know how to disable the enchantment ._.

Leah: We should hurry up…

…Meanwhile, Ragnarok is torturing the Warhammer Priest.

2016-10-21 17_18_24-Nox.png

Ragnarok: You peasant is going to tell me how to unseal the dimensional door now!

King Dora: AHHH…

…Sasha appears.

2016-10-21 17_18_32-Nox.png

Ragnarok: Yo Sasha-san! Have you collected Tir’s and Thanatos’ souls?

Sasha: If you continue to do this, he will die…

Ragnarok: This is because he didn’t reply to my polite question. I ain’t got no time left!

Sasha: There are too many sacred hymns…

…Meanwhile, Boden hears someone screaming.

Boden: What the…

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: There is something happening deep inside the temple.

(Translator note to Boden: okay, why the fck do you return to that old ass spaceship whenever there is something important happening???)


Leah: Could it be Ragnarok?

Boden: Ragnarok… This time, I will get you!

…Boden returns to the temple just to encounter tainted King Dora.

2016-10-22 14_39_24-Nox.png

King Dora: Ahhh… KILL!

Boden: This energy… is so stronk!

…Boden defeats King Dora. Atlas appears.

2016-10-22 14_40_01-Nox.png

Atlas: Are you the king of the Warhammer tribe? I’m sorry I’m late…

King Dora: ehehehe…

…Tethys appears.

Tethys: We’re late…

2016-10-22 14_40_16-Nox.png

Atlas: Tethys pls.

Tethys: Yea. I got this.

…Tethys tries to recover King Dora.

King Dora: Ti… Titans… This darkness… children of Titans…

Tethys: It’s okay now… Though I didn’t quite catch what you said.

King Dora: They have all my army… Please Titans…

Atlas: It’s alright, we’ll handle it… May you rest in peace…

King Dora: …

…King Dora passes away. Boden turns to Atlas and Tethys.

Boden: What is your purpose?? Are you a friend or a foe?

Tethys: We came here on a mission. The dimensional door we sealed off a long time ago has suddenly been loosened.

Boden: There is a seal? 😮

Tethys: Yes. But the content of this mission is yet to be confirmed. So we’ll see you around. Also, we got to avoid conflicts. I think you know what I mean.

…Atlas and Tethys flies away. Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I think Ragnarok is learning how to unseal the door.


Leah: How?

Boden: According to the old lore of the Titans, the ancient Titans sealed the portal to the Dark Souls’ world after defeating them.

Leah: If they had the power to defeat them, why did they only sealed the portal?

Boden: Well that’s not in the record however.

Leah: We should move forward. Maybe we can find the truth.

…As Boden arrives at the Nameless Valley, Ragnarok is having a conversation with Sasha at the seal.

2016-10-22 15_28_15-Nox.png

Ragnarok: This is the seal described in that Titan story. It is said to never be able to destroyed by any force. However, there was a song of the Titan.

Sasha: So we should capture one of the Titan?

…Tethys appears.

Tethys: Let me save you from the trouble of finding one.

Ragnarok: Sasha! Come thru queen! This one is a Titan!

Sasha: This girl is a titan? (LOL)

Ragnarok: Wait, there is another one!

…Atlas appears.

2016-10-22 15_28_31-Nox.png

Atlas: You are sick bastards!

Ragnarok: Haha let me show you what a sick bastard can do.

…Yet another huge bitch fight.

2016-10-22 15_28_43-Nox.png

…Boden hears another big explosion.

Boden: NOW WHAT?

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I sensed a powerful conflict at the Seal… Maybe it’s Titans vs. Ragnarok.


Leah: What the… Do you know what happened?

Boden: The Titans seem to be friendly towards us. As for Ragnarok, during last encounter with him, he doesn’t seem to be weak at all!

Leah: This is urgent… Please hurry up.

…Boden heads to the Seal Mountain to see worn out Sasha after the fight with Titans.

Sasha: Is this the Boden???

Boden: A Dark Soul!

Sasha: you. are. annoying. af.

…Boden defeats Sasha.

Sasha: I swear you are fking annoying. Go to hell!

…Atlas appears.

2016-10-22 15_53_11-Nox.png

Atlas: Here you are 😉

Sasha: Titans… I won’t go easy on you next time. So long losers!

…Sasha leaves.

2016-10-22 15_53_27-Nox.png

Boden: She’s getting away! CALL THE POLICE!

Atlas: Let her be. There are more important things.

Boden: What do you mean?

Atlas: There’s a song of the Ancient Titan that can unlock this seal. I can sense the energy of the only one person who inherits the blood of the Ancient Titans in this area.

Boden: Ancient Titans?

Atlas: Maybe you should find that person and bring him to me.

Boden: Could it be… Princess Leah?

Atlas: Then our next mission is to destroy this seal.

Boden: If that’s the case then the Dark Soul will bring a whole army against us!

Atlas: Then I will have to ask you to deal with them.

Boden: And if I refuse?

Atlas: I don’t think you would. You’re a good guy. And this is a problem of the world.

Boden: …

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: To unlock that seal, I think we need the song of Titan.


Leah: Song of the Titan?

Boden: Yes. I believe it’s the song you’ve been singing .3.

Patta: Princess, it’s too dangerous to go down there.

Boden: I’m afraid that’s the only way to get rid of the devils.

Leah: I need to go down there then and be helpful this time!

Patta: Princess!!!

Boden: I’ll go down there first to clear the way. You go with Patta. He’ll escort you.

Leah: Will do!

…Boden arrives at Seal Mountain. Atlas and Tethys have already been there.

2016-10-22 16_18_07-Nox.png

Boden: I think I found her.

Tethys: The descendant of the Titan?

Boden: Yes. She’ll come soon enough.

Tethys: Please trust us 🙂

…Leah appears.

Leah: This energy feels familiar.

Tethys: You’re a descendant of the Ancient Titan.

…Leah steps forward and start singing the song of the Stars.

2016-10-22 16_18_40-Nox.png

Leah: I put my dreams in the galaxy of millions of stars shining inside my heart… So that one day the dreams might come true…

…The seal is broken.

2016-10-22 16_18_56-Nox.png

Tethys: The first seal is now removed. There is another one near Yggdrasil’s body. I’ll need your help once more.

Leah: I can help. But what are you aiming for?

Tethys: We also receive commands from Commander Kronos. He’ll come here soon. We’ll explain next time with the presence of Kronos. See you!

Boden: Until next time!

…Boden and Leah returns to Noah’s Ark. Two never before seen Titans steps in the scene.

Prometheus: Atlas and Tethys eh? What do you think?

Hyperion: Both are cute :”>



Hyperion: But yea, they both are the kids and the kinda potential opponents.

Prometheus: Oh by the way, it’s fun to hear Kronos will be here. Helios told you?

Hyperion: Haha… No need to.

…At Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I think we should head East next.


Leah: Yea. I’m sorry for what happened.

Boden: Don’t be. But do you trust them?

Leah: Yea. My gut tells me so, I don’t know why.

Patta: But then, your safety is top priority. Also, the Dark Souls’ whereabouts is unknown.

Boden: Hm… Then what is the relationship between the Dark Souls and the Titan?

Patta: Let’s head East. If there’s another seal there, we might be able to know something else.

[Noah raid is opened]

Leah: Are you ready to head East so we can destroy the second seal together?

Boden: Huh? Like together?



Leah: Yes. I need to help you.

Patta: Princess… You should rest first.

Leah: We went all through this thanks to you. I have to do something to return the favor.

Boden: I really appreciate that.

…Boden arrives at the Ruby Mine. Meanwhile, Ragnarok is having a conversation with homegirl Sasha at the second seal.

2016-10-23 22_59_28-Nox.png

Sasha: The Titans definitely are going to talk to that Boden. He’s coming for your ass.

Ragnarok: Hahahaha. Screw his ass. The important thing now is to find a way to release this seal.

Sasha: I will find a way to bring him down.

Ragnarok: Well you got the souls of Tir and Thanatos.

Winter Bana: Ragna-chubby honey, someone’s coming here.

…Hyperion and Prometheus enter the scene.

2016-10-23 22_59_52-Nox.png

Prometheus: LOL. Dude, this is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok: This baldy… is a Titan!

Sasha: Titans?? Bow down to my slayage or die!

Hyperion: Calm your tits lady. We’re here to help.

Ragnarok: Do yall happen to know the Song that can release this seal?

Prometheus: We’d love to help. However, we have already forgotten that ancient song. I’m only a descendant of Titans.

Ragnarok: Oh if so, I’ll kill you now.

Hyperion: Wooo, our ladies here don’t know how to fight. There are descendants of another Titan here in this area. Maybe you people acknowledge that… hehe…

Ragnarok: Titan’s descendant… that girl? Hahaha, is that so? Damn, we’re on different wavelengths here.

Prometheus: If that is the case then there might be more damage… In addition to your lady… We’re privileged.

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I think we’re one step late. Everything has already been contaminated with the influence of Ragnarok.

Leah: But I haven’t seen any Dark Soul… What are they planning this time?


Leah: Give up your useless worries, it’ll do you good…

Boden: It’s better if you don’t see all the sides. You and I and the dark souls are headed to the same place so we will encounter they there. We have to hurry up destroy that seal before they unlock it.

Leah: Let’s head to the next area then.

…Boden meets Atlas and Tethys in Forgotten Cave.

2016-10-29 13_01_19-Nox.png

Atlas: Tethys! Look who’s here!

Tethys: Somehow I can feel something bad coming up.

Boden: Something bad?

Tethys: Yes, it’s like a huge power is building up itself. Look, the soil here is so different.

Boden: Your friends won’t come here to help?

Tethys: No. It’s only my commander, Atlas and me on this mission.

…Princess Leah, Patta and Shabelle appears.

Leah: I care about this issue. Can I be part of the #squad, please?

Shabelle: I’m in too, Princess!

Leah: I appreciate it, Shabelle. Now let’s head to the seal.

Atlas: Okay! Catch yall later!

…Atlas and Tethys leaves.

Boden: Damn, she’s more eager than most of us.

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Leah: …

Boden: What’s the meaning of that expression? :s

Leah: Sorry, I was just worried a bit.


Leah: I just found a brooch. It was my sister’s. She gave it to me a long time ago…

Boden: Mercedes…

Leah: I hope she’s okay… Deathcrown probably is with her.

Boden: Yes. You don’t have to worry about Deathcrown .3. By the way, let’s move to the next area shall we?

…When Boden is finding a way out of Forgotten Cave, Deathcrown and Mercedes arrives at the first seal.

2016-10-29 13_26_35-Nox.png

Mercedes: It looks like the seal has been destroyed.

Deathcrown: Maybe someone has been here before.

…Hyperion and Prometheus appears.

2016-10-29 13_26_42-Nox.png

Hyperion: Dude, are you kidding me? All our descendants are so fcking cute~

Deathcrown: Who the hell are you two?

Prometheus: Hue hue hue… She might inherit the same characteristics… Haha… We happen to find another Descendant of Titan in town.

Hyperion: Yass! Come with me baby darling, I’m your sugar grandpa. I won’t hurt you huehuehue.

Deathcrown: You’ll have to taste my sword first.

Mercedes: Not in a million years you sick bastard!

…Deathcrown proceeds to fight Hyperion and Prometheus while Mercedes stands still, eats popcorn, be useless as fck as she thinks of what her sugar grandpa, Hyperion, has to offer her.

2016-10-29 13_26_54-Nox.png

Deathcrown: Fair enough…

Mercedes: Deathcrown 😥

Hyperion: Hehe… shall I take my grandchild?

Deathcrown: Keep dreaming! Pluto!

…Deathcrown summons Pluto.

2016-10-29 13_27_30-Nox.png

Hyperion: Keep that cockiness to yourself. Prometheus!

…Prometheus transforms into his Giant form.

2016-10-29 13_27_39-Nox.png

…Upon Pluto being destroyed, Deathcrown jumps out and tries to land a surprise attack… in vain.

2016-10-29 13_27_44-Nox.png

Mercedes: Deathcrown!!!!!

Deathcrown: Ahhhh…

Hyperion: Haha… On which dimension of this world have you been thinking my child?

…Hyperion shoots his finishing blow at Deathcrown.

2016-10-29 13_28_29-Nox.png

Mercedes: Noooooo!!!

Hyperion: Hehe… Now come with your grandpa, cutie.

Prometheus: LOL Hyperion please. Just ask her to do what we really need.

Hyperion: Why not have fun a bit? hehe…

…Hyperion walks towards Mercedes in a creepy manner.

2016-10-29 13_28_35-Nox.png

…Meanwhile, at Noah’s Ark.

Leah: …

Boden: Still reminiscing about that brooch I assume?

Leah: Thinking about how broken the kingdom was when she gave me this.


Boden: Still, she’s safe with him so don’t be worried about Deathcrown okay?

Leah: I hope so…

Boden: Instead worry more about the Titans. We still don’t know what they’re up to.

Leah: Let’s hurry up then!

…Boden meets Devere, the leader of another group of tainted Warhammer at the top of Tower of Demise. Tethys and Atlas are there too.

2016-10-29 14_20_41-Nox.png

Tethys: Devere? Why are you here?

Devere: Hehehe…

Atlas: Well doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for a conversation.

…Boden defeats Devere.

2016-10-29 14_21_05-Nox.png

Tethys: Devere should be guarding the Seal… Why is he here?

Boden: Maybe it’s already being taken care of?

…While Atlas and Tethys are talking to Boden, he tries to suddenly attack the girls… However, a shield prevents him from doing so.

2016-10-29 14_21_21-Nox.png

Atlas: What? A shield?

Tethys: AH! Commander is here!

…Kronos appears.

2016-10-29 14_21_36-Nox.png

Tethys: Atlas and Tethys, at your command.

Atlas: Oh… and Commander… We haven’t found anything yet.

Kronos: I know.

Boden: Commander? Then you are their captain?

Atlas: Are you being stupid… He’s more than just a captain.

Boden: Girls pls.

…Leah and Patta enters the scene.

Leah: Nice to meet you. I’m Leah, the 2nd princess of Dragon Landing.

Kronos: Leah…? That sounds familiar. I think I knew you before.

Leah: Excuse me, but may I ask why are you heading towards the World Soul?

Atlas: That is none of your business girl.

Patta: Watch your manner Atlas!

Kronos: Soon you’ll know. I’m keeping my mission undercover for many reasons. But I can tell you, my name’s Kronos. And I’m here to aid Atlas and Tethys.

Atlas: Aid us?… We’ve already failed the mission.

Kronos: We have to hurry up. Helios has made her move.

Tethys: Helios…

Boden: Helios?

Atlas: We shall take our chances. Let’s go.

…Tethys and Atlas flies away.

Kronos: We have to go prevent Helios from partnering up with the Dark Souls. She’s coming to the Yggdrasil. As for your part, go take down that seal.

…Kronos flies away.

Leah: I don’t know if I can believe these people. We know absolutely nothing about them.

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: Helios and the Dark Souls…

Leah: If what Kronos said is right, we better make our move.


Boden: Then let’s destroy that seal.

…Meanwhile at Mount Seal, a vision of Falcon appears in front of Deathcrown.

2016-10-29 15_31_07-Nox.png

Deathcrown: H…how?

Falcon: It doesn’t matter. King, what are you doing here?

Deathcrown: … I could not keep anyone… That’s why I always lose…

Falcon: You’re still young and there are harder challenges ahead.

Deathcrown: …

Falcon: Now get up. Isn’t there someone waiting for you? Remember why you are the true master of Pluto.

Deathcrown: The master of the Pluto…

Falcon: The key didn’t choose a random person to be its owner, son.

…Falcon starts to fade away.

2016-10-29 15_31_57-Nox.png

Deathcrown: Hey… Old man… Hpmh…

…Just when Deathcrown collapses to the ground, Shabelle appears.

2016-10-29 15_32_12-Nox.png

Shabelle: Deathcrown?? Where is Mercedes? What happened?

…Shabelle finally realizes that she is talking to a fainted person so she decided to revive him first.

2016-10-29 15_32_19-Nox.png

Shabelle: Deathcrown… What happened to Mercedes?

Deathcrown: M… Mercedes…

…Without acknowledging Shabelle’s presence, Deathcrown flies away.

Shabelle: Wait!!!

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: Shabelle should have some news…

Leah: I wonder what happened.


…Shabelle comes in like a wrecking ball.

2016-10-29 15_44_38-Nox.png

Boden: Shabelle?

Shabelle: Princess… This is emergency. Something bad happened to Princess Mercedes.

Leah: My sister?? Tell me more.

Shabelle: When I arrived at the scene, Deathcrown was very badly wounded, so I revived him. As soon as he got up, he flew away calling Mercedes’ name. I wasn’t sure of what happened.

Leah: Toward which direction did he head?

Shabelle: He headed towards the East, Princess.

Boden: The Dark Souls are seeking the descendant of Titans… We have to act NOW!

…Boden heads to the East Seal to see Mercedes be tied up.

2016-10-29 15_57_01-Nox.png

Boden: Mercedes!

Ragnarok: Hehe… At last, the Boden. See, this descendant of Titan refuses to sing her ancestor’s own song. What a disgrace to the noble race. Should I end her life now?

Boden: You…

Sasha: Prepare to die.

…Boden defeats Sasha and Ragnarok.

Ragnarok: hehe… Your power has grown…

Boden: Release Mercedes now!

Ragnarok: In your dreams.

…Hyperion and Prometheus appear.

Prometheus: She’s just what we need.

Ragnarok: Now destroy these scrubs.

Prometheus: Now get the fck out of our way Boden.

Ragnarok: Hehe… Good bye.

…Hyperion and Prometheus transform to their Giant forms and destroy Boden.

2016-10-29 15_57_57-Nox.png

Boden: This… this is the true power of Titan…

Hyperion: Girl bye.

…Just when Hyperion launches his final blow at Boden, Pluto appears and shields the whole team.

2016-10-29 15_58_24-Nox.png

Prometheus: What the fuck? Why are you still alive???

Mercedes: Deathcrown!! YASSSS

Deathcrown: Prepare your ass.

Hyperion: You’re sooo funny m8.

…Prometheus launches his gigantic power beam at Pluto.

2016-10-29 15_58_29-Nox.png

…Pluto is destroyed. Deathcrown jumps out of Pluto and use the key against the powerful energy.

2016-10-29 15_58_40-Nox.png

Deathcrown: I am the king of the living and the dead. A true master of the Pluto key. I shall protect my loved ones and I CAN keep them safe!

…And miracle happened as Deathcrown absorbs the energy and transcends. He killed the two disgraced pieces of shit with just a flick of his katana.

2016-10-29 15_58_45-Nox.png

Deathcrown: This is my power!

Hyperion: What the hell???

Prometheus: AhhHHg…AAAA!

Hyperion: He… Heli…os… He…

…Hyperion and Prometheus vanish. Deathcrown takes Mercedes off the chain.

2016-10-29 15_59_12-Nox.png

Deathcrown: This power…

Mercedes: Deathcrown…

Boden: Deathcrown! You have a new look!

Deathcrown: I’m fine… But I don’t know how…

…Leah enters the scene.

2016-10-29 15_59_19-Nox.png

Leah: Sis!!

Mercedes: Leah? I’m glad you’re fine.

Leah: I’m so glad you two made it through…

Mercedes: Leah… Thank you…

Deathcrown: I’ll never let anything happen to you again, Mercedes.

Boden: Sorry to break this emotional family reunion moment but seriously we have a seal to destroy and a tree to reach. And The Dark Souls are still out there plotting the next move with some more Titans. We need to hurry up.

Deathcrown: Okay… I’m going to meet other Dracos. I will come back as soon as possible.

…Deathcrown and Mercedes leave the scene. 

Leah: Now I’ll destroy this seal. sings the Titan song

…The seal is broken.

2016-10-29 15_59_51-Nox.png

 Leah: Now we’ll be able to enter the World Soul.

…Suddenly, Atlas and Tethys fall from the sky wounded.

2016-10-29 16_00_04-Nox.png

Boden: Tethys! Atlas!

…And Helios enters the scene, grabbing Leah.

2016-10-29 16_00_11-Nox.png


Boden: The fuk are you???

Helios: Helios. This girl is coming with me!

Boden: NO! WAIT!

…And Helios kidnaps Leah and leaves the scene.

2016-10-29 16_00_19-Nox.png

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Patta: OMG that hoe kidnapped our Princess!!!

Boden: I am very sorry… I’ll fix this.


Patta: It was completely my fault! I stayed here while she ventured down there alone…

Boden: I will get the Princess back… I just need to find the way.

Patta: Please hurry up… Captain! Raise the speed of Noah’s Ark to maximum please!

Boden: …

[Mino raid is opened]



Patta: To be honest, I’m really worried about the princess. Should we wait for Deathcrown or not?

Boden: It’ll be late if we keep waiting. I’ll get the princess back. I believe Deathcrown will be there in time. We cannot waste any minute.

Patta: Please do…

Boden heads to Thorny Valley. Meanwhile, Helios is having a conversation with Princess Leah on top of the Yggdrasil Tree.

2016-11-07 15_19_22-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Helios: Don’t be scared. I come here on a mission from the Land of Titan, directed by the Senate. I will not hurt you.

Leah: The Land of Titan?

Helios: Yes. My name is Helios, the head commander of the Titan.

Leah: Commander? Isn’t that Kronos?

Helios: You know Kronos? He is a traitor to our race. NICKY!

…Nicky, the supreme leader of Alfheimr Elves appears.

2016-11-07 15_20_00-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Nicky: Yes! At your command.

Helios: I’ll go look for the Archangel. You stop any enemy coming near. If successful, your race will be liberated.

Nicky: Yes, Commander. We shall obliterate any intruder. Please keep your promise.

Helios: Not the type of a liar.

Leah: You… What the…

…Meanwhile, Boden faces the Alfheimr Elves at Thorny Valley.

2016-11-07 15_20_26-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Get out of my way! I’m looking for a kidnapper!

Flame Keeper Lodi: That’s irrelevant to us as we have our own reason. I’m sorry. Die!

Boden: Wait!!!

…The Alfheimr Elves start to attack.

Boden: These are Helios’ servants.

…Ragnarok appears after the elves are defeated.

2016-11-07 15_21_19-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Ragnarok!

Ragnarok: Worry not. I’m here to tell you one thing.

Boden: What??

Ragnarok: Hehe… You’re quite a rude person to someone who’s about to give you some important information. Hehe you don’t wanna know about the Titan?

Boden: You know something about the Titan?

Ragnarok: Hehe… I know damn well. The Titan is a powerful race that possesses power that can wipe out any other race in this universe.

Boden: But that doesn’t make sense… how do you know that?

Ragnarok: Us Dark Souls were evicted from the Titan tribe.

Boden: What…? Is it true that you were once a Titan?

Ragnarok: Correct… By the way… Are you not curious why we are here?

…Kronos appears to interrupt the conversation.

2016-11-07 15_21_43-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Dark Soul… I will…

Ragnarok: Hehehe, much nuisance, such annoying. Until next time Boden.

…Ragnarok disappears.

2016-11-07 15_21_53-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: What did he tell you?

Boden: Nothing much. I think you came just before he started to fight me. How are Atlas and Tethys?

Kronos: Fortunately, the injury was minor. They’ll be fine. We need to find Helios now.

Boden: That’s right… She kidnapped the princess.

Kronos: We have to hurry.

…Kronos flies away.

Boden: …

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: Ragnarok said that… The Dark Souls were exiled from the Land of Titan.

Patta: So the Dark Souls were once Titan…?


Boden: I suppose so. I need to meet Ragnarok once again. We should know why the Dark Souls are here; and how Princess Leah has anything to do with this.

Patta: Okay…

…Meanwhile, Boden faces another group of Alfheimr Elves at the roots of the World Tree.

2016-11-07 15_33_59-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Russo: Stop.

Boden: You look like an elf. Why are you blocking us?

Russo: Elf? We’re more fabulous than normal elves. And we have no interest of your presence. So prepare to taste the power of Yggdrasil!

…Russo absorbs the power of Yggdrasil.

2016-11-07 15_34_06-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Wow… dat power tho.

…Russo’s crew were killed.

2016-11-07 15_34_44-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Russo: Oh… we had fun…

Boden: What is your deal?

Russo: We came from Alfheimrwhich is now occupied by the Titan.

Boden: What? Alfheimr?

Russo: I cannot say anything else… But the independence of our race are hanging on a thread.

…Ragnarok appears and casts dark magic upon Russo.

2016-11-07 15_35_08-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: Hehehe.


Boden: Ragnarok!! What are you doing?

Ragnarok: Interesting story you have there… I’ll absorb this guy’s memory so I can solve my questions more comfortably.

…Ragnarok absorbs Russo’s memory and destroys him.

2016-11-07 15_35_25-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png


Ragnarok: Hehehe. That’s it… Now everything is clear… Hehehe.

Boden: What… what do you mean?

Ragnarok: Let me tell you this. In the past, us Dark Souls were chasing the loser Titans, who got separated from their group as a request of the Titan.

Boden: The loser Titan?

Ragnarok: Yes. They were mostly non-combatants and very easy to hunt down. We were not interested in the reason why they got left out. However, the reason was important.

Boden: How so?

Ragnarok: Hehe… The song your princess sings was not merely meant to seal or unseal anything… She is one of the descendants of Mimir’s power, a hero that triumphed the ancient war… It was not us who won. Hehehehe…

…Kronos appears.

2016-11-07 15_36_13-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Now you understand huh? You Dark Souls were never victorious of that war.

Ragnarok: You… Prepare to die!

…Ragnarok jumps in for an attack, however he is blocked by Midas’ Shield.

2016-11-07 15_36_25-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: AARRG! This bastard!

…Kronos throws his spear at Ragnarok.

2016-11-07 15_36_36-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Taste my spear!

…Ragnarok vanishes.

2016-11-07 15_36_41-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: Don’t think this is the end…. hehehe…

Boden: Now tell me everything.

Kronos: I’m sorry… When the time comes I’ll tell you everything. Right now it’s not a good time for revelation since it’s related to your fate…

…Kronos flies away.


…After Boden has left, Sasha comes to collect Ragnarok’s Soul Gem.

2016-11-07 15_37_15-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Sasha: Now we’re all together… 🙂

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I met Ragnarok and Kronos. I don’t know but maybe the reason why the Titan found this place was because of Mimir’s power.

Patta: Mimir…?


Boden: And that power has something to do with Princess Leah.

Patta: Then their purpose has always been capturing the princess…

Boden: I’m not sure. But Kronos said that what we do now will matter to our fate. I’m going to stop Helios.

…Boden travels to the Branch of the Tree to meet Kronos.

2016-11-07 15_57_42-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Kronos!

Kronos: Oh it’s you! This huge flying object we’re stepping on is called an “Archangel”. I’ve seen it through literature, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in person.

Boden: Archangel??

Kronos: Yes, an Archangel. Helios and the Princess might be around here.

Boden: Why is this flying object called an Archangel?

Kronos: Well the Ancient Titans sent 12 Titans and their troops to occupy planets through this Archangel to open the dimensional gate of Mimir and make it possible to support their forces easier no matter where they were in the universe. Unfortunately, all the dimensions we created were clogged with this Yggdrasil. After that our power was diminished and now we only have some colonial planets left.

Boden: So what are we doing here?

Kronos: If possible, we need to eliminate the successor of Mimir, and completely seal the possibility of opening the gate again so that nobody can enter the land of Titan again…

Boden: What?? You mean like we have to get rid of Leah?

Kronos: I’m sorry but that’s the only way to keep the entire universe away from our land…

Boden: Bullshit! Whatever the reason is, if that’s your purpose I’ll have to stop you!

Kronos: I wish you could…

…Kronos jumps inside the Archangel.

2016-11-07 15_58_12-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Wait!!!

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: Helios and Leah is inside the Archangel, the spaceship that is in the center of Yggdrasil.

Patta: Archangel?


Boden: It’s an ancient spaceship of the Titan. I have to hurry.

Patta: Do what you must.

…While Boden is heading to the Archangel, Helios and Kronos are having a conversation.

2016-11-07 16_11_35-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Where is the descendant of Mimir?

Helios: I put her in a safe place, Kronos the betrayer. You were one of the twelve Titan soldiers who opposed the dream of all Titan people. The one that cannot be forgiven.

Kronos: Long ago, Astraea with the power of Mimir, tried to seal off the power as she cannot stand the greed of our race. You want us to go back to the violent and savage days? Our race is powerful enough. Also, all colonies must be given the freedom they need to achieve better evolution. That’s the natural way!

Helios: Look how well you can do with your words. Your betrayal has already cost us two of our 12 Titan Soldiers. I can only forgive you with the price of your, Tethys’ and Atlas’ lives.

…Helios and Kronos enter the fight.

2016-11-07 16_12_07-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Let’s put an end to this mess and convince the Senators together!

…Helios and Kronos transform into their Giant forms.

2016-11-07 16_12_15-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

…The fight causes a great concussion.

Boden: I feel a great power ahead… Let’s hurry up.

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I feel a tremendous impact…

Patta: It might be Kronos x Helios winks


Boden: Maybe. I’ll get there.

Patta: Take care!

…Boden meets Kronos, wounded at the Archangel.

2016-11-07 16_47_35-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Kronos!!!

Kronos: You… I failed you… I never thought of killing your Princess. Helios… Please stop her… before she open the the doors to the worlds… Then she’ll dominate the whole universe…

…Tethys and Atlas appears.

2016-11-07 16_47_51-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Tethys: Commander!

Atlas: Oh my god! Helios is a bitch! I will not forgive her.

Kronos: We’re facing big troubles here… Please stop Helios, she’s also a victim of the Senate.

Tethys: Please don’t say anything… You are badly injured.

Boden: I’ll destroy Helios and bring the Princess back. Take care of Kronos.

…Meanwhile, Helios is taking her time thinking about Kronos.

2016-11-07 16_49_06-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Helios: Kronos…

…about the final blow that hit Kronos.

2016-11-07 16_49_20-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Ahh….

Helios: Why don’t you attack me?

Kronos: Why would I? … Please stop this. Our generation must be liberated from the delusion of the Senate.

Helios: I can’t.

…Helios flies away.

2016-11-07 16_49_28-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Helios…

…Helios gets back to reality and calls Nicky to deliver Leah to her.

Helios: Nicky!
If you want freedom to your face, destroy them all!

Nicky: Yes ma’am.

2016-11-07 16_50_13-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Helios: Princess, you are a descendant of Astraea, one of the twelve soldiers of Titan. And you are one of a few to take advantage of Mimir’s power.

Leah: Mimir’s power?

Helios: The twelve soldiers of Titan have their own special powers. But the power of Mimir is even more special. With this power, we can open the door to our homeland and numerous occupied territories.

Leah: But I don’t know how to use the power of Mimir…

Helios: The power of Mimir is hidden in your song.

…Boden to the rescue!

2016-11-07 16_50_38-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: No! When you sing that song, it will open the door to the Titan homeland, and then their army is going to come for us!

Helios: You dare to interupt me?

…Atlas and Tethys come out to play.

2016-11-07 16_50_49-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Atlas: You bitch! I’ll never forgive you!

Tethys: I know his heart. Did you have to do this???

Helios: Traitors! I will tear you into pieces!

Helios: You are strong, but from now you will taste my true power!

…Upon being defeated, Helios transforms into her Giant form.

2016-11-07 16_51_07-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

2016-11-07 16_51_26-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

…Tethys was quick enough to grab Leah and flies away.

2016-11-07 17_16_41-Naver Image Popup.png

Helios: OMG STOP!

Boden: You’re over Helios!

Helios: Please.

…Boden defeats Helios. Kronos appears.

2016-11-07 16_52_16-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Kronos…

Kronos: You did enough to be the captain of the 12 soldiers… Let’s convince the senate together…

Helios: You… I don’t know how…

…Kronos turns to Boden.

Kronos: You. From now on we fight together. You go find Tethys and the Princess. I’ll be here with Atlas.

…After Boden leaves.

2016-11-07 16_52_41-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: Please fix our spaceships. When it is done, we’re going home.

Atlas: Yes sir!

…Atlas flies away.

Kronos: Hold on Helios… I’ll fix this.

…Suddenly, Sasha, Tyr and Thanatos appear.

2016-11-07 16_52_58-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Sasha: Hahahaha. You titans are so fucked up.

Kronos: How…

Sasha: You underestimate my ability hahaha. If I can take the souls, I can resurrect them at any time.

Kronos: So this is it… Helios… I’m glad I could be with you in the end…

Sasha: How sweet~ Well prepare to die as most painfully as possible hehehe.

…Just when Tyr throws the blades at Kronos and Helios, Transcended Greysoul appears and parries all the blades away.

2016-11-07 16_53_23-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Sasha: What the…?

Greysoul: Well it’s been awhile~

…Blackaria appears.

2016-11-07 16_53_34-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Blackaria: Dark Souls…

Sasha: What are you????

Kronos: You…

Greysoul: Let’s just say, we’re friends.

Sasha: I will kill you all!!!!

Greysoul: Let’s play bitch!

…The screen turns white when Greysoul attacks the Dark Souls.

2016-11-07 16_53_46-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

…Boden returns to Noah’s Ark.

Boden: Tethys escaped with Princess Leah safely.

Patta: Oh really? What happened?


Boden: I will tell you later.

…Boden arrives at the top of the tree to see wounded Tethys on the floor.

2016-11-07 17_39_27-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Tethys!!

Tethys: I’m sorry… They’ve taken her…

Boden: Who?…

Tethys: The Dark Souls…

Boden: The Dark Souls?

Tethys: I don’t know why… But they are all resurrected and are much stronger. Please hurry up and save the Princess.

…Boden leaves Tethys and heads towards to meet Askr, Morgana and Shiva.

2016-11-07 17_40_00-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Are you the Dark Souls??? Where is my Princess??

Askr: The Titan girl? Ragnarok took her to the Archangel. If you do not hurry, he will open the gate to the Dark Soul planet and hell yea this place is gon’ be on fire!

Boden: These bastards…

…Brightspark and Deathcrown finally appears.

2016-11-07 17_40_31-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Guys!!!

Deathcrown: Sorry we are late.

Brightspark: Long time no see. But greetings are for later. Now save the princess!

Boden: Thanks!

Askr: How dare you?

Deathcrown: Your opponent is here boy.

Askr: Die!

…As Deathcrown and Brightspark take care of the Dark Soul, Boden continues to go into the Archangel. Meanwhile, Ragnarok is torturing Leah.

2016-11-07 17_40_59-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: Use the power of Mimir to open the gate to our world now!

Leah: In your dream!

Ragnarok: Or I will have to cut your arms!!!

…Boden appears.

2016-11-07 17_41_11-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: Stop!

Ragnarok: It’s always you interrupting me…

Boden: Princess Leah!

Ragnarok: Prepare your grave today!

…Ragnarok is defeated.

2016-11-07 17_41_45-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: Hehehe… You lowlife douche. Today is your doomsday.

Boden: I’m not defeated by anyone!

Ragnarok: This is what Astraea wanted huh? Hahahaha

…Ragnarok starts to absorbs all other Dark Souls.

2016-11-07 17_42_07-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Sasha: Ragnarok is an asshole!!!

Greysoul: What?!

2016-11-07 17_42_19-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Askr: Ragnarok! You stupid hoe!

Deathcrown: !!!

…Ragnarok transforms into his Liberated form.

2016-11-07 17_42_29-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

2016-11-07 17_42_37-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: hahahahaha

Boden: Such a huge power!

Ragnarok: Die!

…After being defeated, he buffs himself and defeats Boden.

2016-11-07 17_43_01-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: I am the KING OF DESTRUCTION!

2016-11-07 17_43_11-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Boden: AAAAH!

Ragnarok: Hahahaha!

2016-11-07 17_43_33-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

…After that, Ragnarok holds hostage of Boden and Leah.

2016-11-07 17_43_57-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: Now. Open the dimensional gate to my world. Or I will get rid of this rat.

Leah: Yes…

Boden: No Leah! Don’t!

Ragnarok: So your life ends here.

…As Ragnarok swings his sword, Leah finally gives in.

Leah: Alright… I will do it… I will open the dimensional door. (Leah sings the song)

…Suddenly, the light starts to respond.

2016-11-07 17_44_35-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: Yasssssssssssss. Finally.

…However, Kymael appears in her Transcended form.

2016-11-07 17_44_40-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

2016-11-07 17_44_44-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: What the fuck?

Kymael: Now I know… The meaning of my existence. The meaning of the key masters. The meaning of the beginning of the world.

Leah: It’s you again!

Kymael: I am the first guardian of Astraea. And now I’m protecting her descendants! We shall complete the mission that was failed long ago.

Ragnarok: LAME!

…Kymael destroys Ragnarok.

2016-11-07 17_45_00-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

2016-11-07 17_45_06-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

2016-11-07 17_45_11-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Ragnarok: What is this power?!?!

Kymael: Be GONE!

…Ragnarok vanishes.

2016-11-07 17_45_17-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kymael: The destruction is no more.

Boden: Ky… Kymael…

…Everyone then returns to the top of the world tree.

2016-11-07 17_45_31-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Kronos: We made it!

Leah: I’m glad we’re still alive!

Kronos: Now we’re going back to our home.

Leah: Would it be okay?

Kronos: We’ll try our best.

Leah: Good luck.

Kronos: What about you?

Leah: I will check out the Archangel. I wanna go back to my hometown if that’s possible.

Kronos: We will welcome you 😀

Kymael: I might have to go. There must be a reason why Astreae created us and created the keys for the Titans and why the Archangel was left behind. It is no coincidence.

Kronos: Huh… That’s strange… Anyway, good bye everyone!

…Titans leave the scene.

2016-11-07 17_46_10-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Leah: First protector… What did Astraea want?

Kymael: All I know is that she put her own Mimir power into the Archangel at the last minute to seal off the gate to the Titan world.

Leah: What is this World Tree then?

Kymael: It is a cosmic tree that grew out of the power of Mimir. That’s I know.

Leah: Wait… There are too many questions.

Kymael: Descendant of Astraea, we’ll meet again soon.

…Kymael leaves the scene.

2016-11-07 17_46_28-Leapdroid (v1.8.0.0).png

Deathcrown: Maybe all other Angels are here too.

Brightspark: Perhaps. But they would be so different.

Deathcrown: Another adventure is waiting for you.

Leah: Thank you a lot. We couldn’t have made it without your help. Thank you on behalf of everyone. And now, let’s prepare for our future adventure!

…Everyone is back at Noah’s Ark.

Boden: I’m so glad that you’re safe.

Leah: I am too.

Patta: I don’t know how to thank you. On behalf of the whole royal palace, thanks for the effort!


Boden: What are you going to do now?

Leah: I’m gonna call technicians and scientists to the Archangel so they can fix it. I need everyone’s help on this.

Boden: Are you going to the Titan Planet?

Leah: I don’t know haha. I really want to be part of your next adventure, my hero.



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