Today, dbkrblog.wordpress.com finally reached a new milestone: 400,000 views with over 70,000 unique visitors; all thanks to you, the people who have been supporting me since day one 😀

So this post is dedicated to appreciate the attention, the encouragement and the constructive criticism you have been giving to my blog, my tier list and my guides. Thank you for being awesome and don’t forget to keep them feedbacks coming so I can deliver more and more quality contents in the future!

Catch ya later!



12 thoughts on “THANK YOU FOR…

  1. may i give you a piece of sugestion. some of new player maybe don’t know each hero main weapon and secondary. so i think it will be nice if you put main weapon and secondary on your tier list


  2. About fucking time eh? Dohoho~ just kidding.
    Well done mate, Here’s to many more views and many more years to come!


  3. Congrats man 👍
    Anw i hv a question.
    After clearing season 1 and 2 i got 880+1.500 rubies.
    But after i clear season 3 i don’t get 1.500 rubies.
    And i don’t get rubies also from some of season 1 raid.
    Do u know about this ?
    Thank u


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