EYO GUYS! As several days ago, a small snippet of events to come in ch4-4 leaked online and to our absolute surprise, Flint has finally unveiled it today! Let’s browse through the chain of events 😉

NOTE: all actions from here will be performed on a PC.

First, click this link to open the landing page.

2016-10-05 14_09_39-Be a star! Wing of the 4th Light_ Reservations Events.png

Event #1 – Pre-registration event

  • Scroll down a bit, you’ll see this banner:

2016-10-05 14_10_30-Be a star! Wing of the 4th Light_ Reservations Events.png

  • Upon clicking on one of the type of your device, you’ll be redirected to this page:

2016-10-05 14_11_48-Game.png

  • Click the orange button, the page will ask you to login onto your Kakao Account:

2016-10-05 14_12_26-Game.png

  • Click the black button to login. After that, you’ll be redirected back to this page, where there are many games on pre-reg mode:

2016-10-05 14_13_49-Game.png

  • Click the orange button in the box of DBKR, and bam! You’ve done with the registration!

2016-10-05 14_14_53-.png

  • Also, you can try to send the link of this page to one of your friends on Kakao Account to receive extra gifts (for successfully inviting 2 people, you’ll get 1 Random SSS Ally; with 5 people, you’ll additionally get 1 Hero Choice ticket.). However, I will dig into this 😀
  • If you want to register for another account, follow these steps:

a. Scroll to the top of the pre-registration page of Kakao, click on the highlighted yellow button on the top right corner.

2016-10-05 14_45_36-Game.png

b. You’ll be redirected back to this page:

2016-10-05 14_13_49-Game.png

c. Click the orange button on of DBKR’s box and follow the steps above again 😀


2016-10-05 14_16_55-Be a star! Wing of the 4th Light_ Reservations Events.png

Event #2 – Free Dragon Buster/Dark Soul key for everyone!

  • For all accounts (current, returning and new), upon logging in after the official maintenance until November 30th, each will receive a Dragon Buster/Dark Soul Choice ticket for FREE!
  • Also you can choose to receive 10 SSS Allies + 100 Choice Essence Tickets instead 😀


2016-10-05 14_19_29-Be a star! Wing of the 4th Light_ Reservations Events.png

Event #3 – Comment events!

  • Upon scrolling to this section, you’ll see a facebook plugin box:

2016-10-05 14_20_06-Be a star! Wing of the 4th Light_ Reservations Events.png

  • What you’re gonna do here is to comment into the box with the following format:

#Your_GameID# <Message of anything from expectation to “I ❤ U Flint”>

  • Here’s how to find your game ID:


Game > Settings

  • 1000 lucky people will get selected and given with 10 Essence Choice tickets upon logging in after the maintenance!


And that’s pretty much it for this event 😛 Hurry up and reserve yourself some fodders! Go go go!



28 thoughts on “[CHAPTER 4-4] PART 1: EVENTS

  1. Nice, thx for your work, as usual it’s perfect!

    I didn’t reicive any sms but a kakao msg that said: “congratulation you are the xxxth registred” so I guess i’m ok, just need to wait the maintenance tonight?


  2. Well, I think that the old players will not choose the free DB/DS tickets, I think that getting 10 SSS allies AND 100 ESSENCE TICKETS would be better and more helpful for them… Hoping that we will have something similar in global soon :p…
    Nice work bro… Good luck… 😉


  3. Hi regarding Event 1 pre-registration, I can’t seem to get past after clicking “Android” button, it just says the site cant be reached, tried on pc and other browsers but same results.


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