Dragon Blaze KR Starting Guide


Dec 14, 2016: With the latest changes, this guide is now OUTDATED. Wait for an update or use it at your own risk!

Since the release of the Transcended Allies, the whole game scene has changed drastically. So for those who’s joining DBKR at this time, this is a simple guide for you to get started more easily. And I hope you enjoy this ^^

NOTE: This guide is just a piece of suggestion, take it with a grain of salt. Also, the guide represents a long process, so please be patient.

9/9/2016 – v1.0 – initial release.

9/10/2016 – v1.1 – added some fixes and skill points distribution guide.

9/11/2016 – v1.2 – added quick links to other related guides.

9/13/2016 – v2.0 – now you can choose between 7 Dragon Busters, which affects your next Transcended Ally.

9/23/2016 – v2.1 – added download guide

10/22/2016 – v2.2 – small fixes and edits for a bigger update coming soon.

10/23/2016 – v2.3 – revamped the guide.


  • First, click here and create a new kakao account.


Then, choose your device above.


  • Download APKPure App here. In case you wonder, the app should look like this:


  • Next, open APKPure app, tap “search” and search for this app name:

별이 되어라!

  • Download and install the app.
  • Open it and login with your registered kakao account.
  • It’s time to playyyyyy!


  • Sign out of your current appstore if your region is not Korean Store. (Settings -> iTunes and App Stores -> Click on your Apple ID -> Sign out)


  • With your ID signed out, go to the Appstore app on your homescreen, and tap “GET” to download any free app. You’ll be prompted to create a free Apple ID account. Tap “Create New Apple ID”.


  • Next, choose 대한민국 (meaning South Korea – usually at the bottom of the region choosing screen).
  • Proceed normally until you have successfully created your Korean Apple ID.
  • Next, login with your newly created account and browse for this app:

별이 되어라!

  • Download and install the app.
  • Open it and login with your registered kakao account.
  • It’s time to playyyyyy!


  • To start, I recommend that you choose a Paladin.


  • Choose a referrer for 300 free rubies when you reach level 50 (Also you might be able to help someone who’s in need of rubies). Try asking in the discord channel for referrers.


*Note: This phase is available until September 30th October 20 (EXTENDED) only as an event for chapter 4-3 release, so hurry up before it ends!

*Note #2: This phase is available until NOVEMBER 30TH only as an event for chapter 4-4 release, so hurry up before it ends!

  • When connecting to the game, you’ll receive a Dragon Buster/Dark Soul choice ticket. Choose Askr.


  • Mount the key onto your Paladin.


  • After mounting Askr onto your main character, click the Buster Mission button (which looks like an envelop in the middle top of your screen)


  • You’ll then see a list of 7 Dragon Busters, scroll to any buster (don’t worry it doesn’t matter) and click the red button. You’ll receive a Draco Choice Ticket (Choose Greysoul!!!), 4 Packs of 10-ally summon, 30 Light Essences and 4 million gold:


  • Now your “Mission” is to ULTIMATE your Draco Greysoul by using up the provided resources (and some extra, by-yourself resources too!).
  • Try clearing the first map (killing King Gram) for 800 rubies. Try leveling up to get some reward rubies and then buy the 1490-ruby pot for a secondary character (Rogue preferably) and get 5 Class Choice Tickets. Choose all 5 Mage Tickets to see if you can get Yvante/Belle Snow/Whay. (IMPORTANT!) – If you cannot find these 3, try getting them as soon as possible so you can awaken them to make Sasha as soon as possible.


  • After ULTIMATEing your Draco Greysoul, choose Kymael for the 7 Angel Choice Ticket (and ULTIMATE her) and Drunken Falcon for Boden Choice Ticket (also ULTIMATE him).

  • NEW: NOW STOP and let’s breathe and let me give you a quick rundown of the 7 dragon busters and their roles and why it’s worth to pick any of most of them:
  • If you pick PLUTO, the benefits of pre-Transcend phase is minimal since he won’t do you any good outside of arena being a good tank. However, he is the material for the most useful Transcended Tank (aka Transcended Deathcrown) who rocks in almost every mode from PVP (because of his tankiness) to PVE (because of his team support and stun). If you pick Pluto, your path will go:


However, this path will leave you no keyholder until you make Draco Deathcrown (yes this is another downside); also, T.Deathcrown is a cooperative unit as he IS great only when put in team. Thus, this path is worth picking but not highly recommended.

  • If you pick GAIA, the only good field she will be able to do is PVP while pretty meh in any other mode. Yet, she is the material for the powerful Transcended Brightspark who shines like a diamond (I mean it!) in PVP scene. If you pick Gaia, your path will go:


Still, this path will also leave you no keyholder until you make Draco Brightspark (from scratch ew!); plus, Transcended Brightspark does not work well with World Bosses (maybe a bit of Hydra but that’s it). Thus, this path is also not recommended.

  • Picking EPSILON is not very a good choice since she’s pretty meh in most fields without proper team setups. She is also the material for the MOST WONDERFUL SUPPORTER aka Transcended Blackaria. If you pick Epsilon, your path will go:


Once again, this path will also leave you no keyholder until you make Draco Blackaria. Thus, this path is recommended but it would take longer to achieve what you want.

  • Picking OURANOS meanwhile is a slightly better choice with her getting buffed lately (which makes her a breast in raid/pve). She is also the material for the renowned WB King aka Transcended Bloodwind. If you pick Ouranos, your path will go:


Without a doubt, this path will also leave you no keyholder until you make Draco Bloodwind. Also, Transcended Bloodwind is a underperforming unit for PVP. However, the benefits from following this path is decent. Thus, this path is recommended if you’re really into PVE/World Bosses.

  • Picking STIGMA is probably the best option I’d recommend. Why? First, Stigma is a great Raid key, which comes in handy when you need to farm for new gears; also, you already have Greysoul which can be used to make Transcended Greysoul (who is a good unit for starters). If you pick Stigma, your path will go:


There is no downside following this path considering the key and the Transcended Unit are both beneficial. Thus, this path is highly recommended.

On a side note, you don’t really necessarily need to make these Transcended Allies at once. Just achieve them steps by steps 🙂

  • The last two Busters are Iota and Omega. These were the most chosen pre-Transcendence phase. However, they are not to be used to make any Transcended Ally (up to now); and OMEGA is underperforming comparing to other paladin keys (he’s only good right now in one field: Shariet – ONLY IN HIS ULTIMATE FORM due to its immunity to debuff). So I’d recommend that you choose neither.


  • So which DB is to be picked? Your call!


  • Use the free Equipment set you’ve got from Rogue.
  • Now with the rogue being level 99 (equipped with Stigma key if you chose Stigma :P) and with a decent set of equipment, you can go raid from season 1, 2 and 3.
  • After raiding all the possible raids, you’ll get 1970 rubies in total.


  • Now get back to the paladin to continue the rest of the story (free rupias yasss).
  • Then, use one normal SSS Paladin to deify it to Tiel and Helios, respectively-> ULTIMATE Tiel, Helios +  then make your 3rd key: Helios [Buy a Paladin Set in the shop for Falcon and link them to these two new units – Gear Linking Guide]



  • Try clearing the first map of season 4 with your Paladin, and a ULTIMATE Buster friend (you can ask for them in discord or 1611).
  • Remember to clear the stage all by yourself and only activate your friend helper at the end of the stage (when you battle yourself).
  • TIP: Paladin’s recommended skill point distribution for WB purposes and key holding:

Pre-Awakening (lvl 99)


Post-Awakening (lvl 108)



  • Let’s assume you’ve got all 3 required allies for Sasha which are Belle, Yvante and Whay and awakened + Ultimated them + made Sasha key, mount your Sasha onto Belle for PVE purposes (WBs) and onto Whay for PVP purposes.


  • Don’t forget to mount Iota onto Yvante too if you’ve chosen Iota.
  • And as soon as you get Sasha, start working on ULTIMATE Sasha.


  • Now that you’ve ULTIMATE your Sasha, it’s time to work on your first Transcended Ally.
  • Try getting a random SSS Incanter and deify him/her to Ravengale (also ULTIMATE her of course):


  • To make a Transcended Ally you need: 50 Transcendental Essences (= 50 of each kind of SSS essences) + 1 ULTIMATE Deity (Ravengale) + 1 ULTIMATE key (Sasha).
  • And voila, you got your first Transcended Deity!


  • Now at this point, you’ve got a sense of how the game works, you can participate in other game modes such as Arena/Tag Match/WBs/ etc. and try your best to get the most out of your allies.
  • As for the next Allies that you should make, Ultimate your Askr and make Transcended Kymael:


  • Then, start working on your 2nd Transcended Ally based on the Buster Mission key you’ve chosen.
  • After that, solidify your team with enhancements to exisiting keys and deities. Try getting back to ULTIMATE Askr and Transcended Kymael as stated above.
  • You can read >>here<< to find out which Transcended you want next in your team (depending on which field you want to specialize in: PVP or PVE) and then gradually get the materials needed to make them.


  • TIP 1: to do all this, you need SSS Allies and essences. You can get SSS from the Shop, level 50/70/90/100 rewards, Tower of Validation and through combining SS. Besides SSS allies, you need essences too. So here’s some location of essence farming that I usually use:

2016-09-09 14_13_38-Nox.png
Light Essences

2016-09-09 14_14_17-Nox.png
Hero Essences

2016-09-09 14_14_41-Nox.png
Titan Essences

  • TIP 2: With the rubies you get, DO NOT buy Allies anymore as fodders can be farmed with shoes (also, remember to utilize the ally drop buff to farm more As, Bs and Cs fodders). So use the rubies to buy Shoes and maybe Essences later. Also, use the rubies to unlock the accessory slots and the potions slots too (those will become vital later).
  • TIP 3: Try farming the U99 set or more preferably the 105 set AND Nebula stones to ULTIMATE your equipments to progress to story.
  • TIP 4: Try enchanting magic effects on your weapons. The preferred effect is cooldown reduction and DOT DMG. [link to magic effect translation]
  • TIP 5: Try imbuing jewels onto your weapons and armors. And remember: INT for Mages/Incanters/Tiel, STR for Warriors/The rest of the Paladins, DEX for Rogues/Archers and STA for Priests. [link to stat translation]
  • TIP 6: Try giving the right skill cards for your allies. You can find recommended skill cards for allies in my tier list. Also check this dual skill card guide: [link to dual skill card guide]
  • TIP 7: Try farming the 104 earrings for all your allies and main characters (since they give you 21 additional attack speeds). The 104 earrings can be farmed here:

2016-09-09 14_29_38-Nox.png

and it looks like this:

2016-09-09 14_29_27-Nox.png

  • TIP 8: Try MAXing your Transcended Allies as soon as possible since all of them are great with their MAX Passives.
  • TIP 9: Gold will become a trouble, so 500 rubies for 100m gold in shop is not a bad deal 😉
  • TIP 10: In case you’re wondering, this is a recommended method to enhance allies:

>To enhance an SS, for the first 4 enhancements (+4) use 5~6 Bs then lots of Cs. From +5 onwards, use 1A, 1~2Bs and then lots of Cs.

>To enhance a normal SSS, use 3As then lots of Bs; or 1S, 1A then lots of Bs.

>To enhance a deity, use 1~2S then lots of A; or to save essences, use 1SS then 2S’s then As.

  • TIP 11: Try asking in channels like 1611 or Discord to join a guild so they can help you with questions more effectively. [link to guild system guide]
  • TIP 12: Don’t forget to check out the rest of my guides in the GAME GUIDES section 😀
  • TIP 13: You can get a sense of which ally is good for certain modes by looking at my tier list.
  • TIP 14: You can always PM me in game (Amarantine/Briaphiel), find me in discord (@Amarantine), drop me a comment on this blog, ask me in reddit (/u/khangvn08) if you have any doubt or trouble.
  • TIP 15: Pray RNGesus everyday, thee shall pass 😛

If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment on this post!

Good luck and happy gaming!



158 thoughts on “Dragon Blaze KR Starting Guide

  1. can i ask what the 1490 ruby pot actually does? cause when i bought it, it just brought me back to the character selection screen and i chose rouge as stated.


  2. Question, how can i update the game. When i press the update button in-game i get reffered to Google play. Yet it says that its not avaible in my country.


  3. Hi. I would appreciate some advice about building my team.
    Now I currently play paladin at LV108, have 2 transcended, Fryderyk and Deathcrown, which need a whole lot of effort to make. sigh.
    I also had Helios+5, Sasha+6, Askr+5, Morgana and Pluto in ultimate. Epsilon Iota Omega +0.
    I’m not sure where to go to next.
    Ravengale or Kymael? or probably Blackaria? I’m thinking of getting Giant Tethys and Giant Atlas too.
    Please help me get through this!


  4. Okay so, i was going by your old guide (i noticed it was changed like a few days ago) So i currently have Mikaela(ult, currently in party) , greysoul(ult) atlas (+3, the unit, currently in party) falcon(ult, currently in party) belle snow( unawakened, +0, currently in party) i also have the other 2 allies needed for Sasha, both +0 unawakened. I hav askr(mounted on falcon) and stigma (currently on rouge main, used lvl 99 pot on him, linked with atlas and mikaela, got through dragon buster mission) and finally esplion (+0, i dont remember how i got him, i got him recenently though and it was for free) Right now im trying to ult one of my SSS healers to make into one of the dieties(im going to go with Blackaria, is that okay? and should i being doing this? or should i be focusing on Sasha) Hopefully i can get lucky and pull a paladin SSS, or after logging in 28 days i can pick tiel, idk, dont have any SSS fodder currently. Is my plan of action okay?


  5. Thank you for this wonderful guide it really helped me alot. So I was wondering if it’s worth to farm at S4 map for all essence?


    • Save them for when you hit cap and are working on end games. Pets mostly, 1+1… perhaps, but if you spend rubies on shoes and farm that way the overall rewards are greater. End game gear would also be when you start making your sets and ulting them, buying gems slots is usually a game changer, buy accessory slots (if you havent already) and item slots (for farming shoes/raids) every ally has accessory slots, every piece of gear (even jewelry) have gem slots to buy, all of which cost around 99 rubies a piece. it adds up. also buster/souls/trans… all of them, have i think something to unlock as well with rubies…. i dunno, but its good to save them untill you are at the grand finale of your game.


    • I had no patience and used most of mine and now sorely regret it. Save save save. when you have a clear goal, when you are starting to get into pvp content WB planning or guild pvp… its best to have a plan, and options in case your plan doesn’t work. Spare rubies provide that about 75% of the time.


    • Yes, the buster event was a Ch4 “catch-me-up” for those getting into the game recently. Ch4 is soon to be released in GL, so if not on launch… most likely soon after.


  6. Say, i already have greysoul. Is it okay if i chose blackaria on dragon buster mission? Will i still get a boden and a septim when i ultimate greysoul (which is not from dragon buster mission)??


  7. Hey quick question .im in the NA server and I can’t clear the ch4 awaken quest area. The monsters are one shorting my team basically and they are lvl115 I have u99 set (which is the best set in na to my knowledge) and I’m using pally buster friends and I’m still getting rocked lol. I’m running ultimate greysoul,falcon and kymeal along with +6draco Bloodwind. Any ideas great one lol


  8. Hi! cant wait for the updated guide considering you can get 3-4 keys in just 7 days if youre a newbie. Also, need to plan my first transcended ally. (Transcended Arrow Trigger looks promising considering the OP damages range! :))


  9. Hii… thanks for all the advices. I did the first mission (beginner’s quest) and got Askr. Is this what you mean as the free buster mission (phase 2)? I thought this Askr that I got is the first phase, right? If it is the first phase then the enveloped feature for the free buster should pop up in the main screen right? I wonder why it is not happening in mine? Is there anything I haven’t done? Thnks


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