[3.5.1] Filtering and how to filter

Hey guys! I finally succeeded in adding this long awaited feature called “Filtering” for the Tier List ;D

Basically, what this feature does is that it display values as you wish to. Let’s say, you only want to display the “Awakened Heroes” on the list for easier viewing, this feature does the trick by filter out the non-relevant results.

And here is how to do it:

First thing first, open the tier list (lol!). You’ll see an extra row above every other rows with 3 different fields (Filter by Affiliation, Filter by Class and Filter By Role) in all 3 sheets.


Secondly, left click and drag to bolden those 3 fields (remember, just those 3 fields – E3,F3,G3)


Then, click the Filter icon on the top right corner, which looks like this:


Click ‘create temporary filter view’ and the list will look like this:


The bolden fields now have three arrow-down button on each of them:


And you’re done the prepping step! Now let’s try filtering out. For example, I want the list to display all available Quinque Dracos, I’ll first click the button of the “Filter by Aff.” field. It should look like this:


The drop down menu should have all 5 affiliations displayed with check-mark. To display only the Dracos, I will uncheck all other fields and it should look like this:


Now that the Quinque Draco is the only Affiliation checked, I will go on and click OK. The list will then be narrowed down to look like this:


You can also try different combination to display your most desired values too 😀 Like, “display all Priest Awakened Heroes” or “display all Archer Bodens”, etc.

Finally, to return the list to its normal state, re-select the Filter icon and click “None”:


And you’re good to go ;D

Well that’s it for this guide, I hope you guys enjoy browsing the tier list and remember, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment regarding issues with the function 😉

Catch ya later!



2 thoughts on “[3.5.1] Filtering and how to filter

  1. hi, wanna ask.

    there will be a specific time/day where I can’t hover on any cells of your tier list, to show description. Its like the spreadsheet in “Lite” mode.

    any idea what went wrong?


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