With the release of the overpowered Transcended Dracos, I felt like a new rating grade should be added to signify the power of the new allies. So here they are, the U ratings for the both Keys list and The Transcended list.

With this new U-grade rating, the overall average score will be raised to 6.0. Also, there are many changes in the rankings of most of the U-grade allies, be sure to check out 😀

If the tier list raise any question, don’t hesitate to email/message me.

Have a nice day!



4 thoughts on “[3.4.0] U RATINGS ARE HERE!

  1. I’m trying to get some gold to make my TGS, but its so hard :(, and can u give me a hint for any global guild in kr? i’ve been looking for some since i barely can speak something in kr x.x


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