Tag Skills Guide


*What are tag skills?

  • Tag skills are active skills that can be additionally given to each of your ally in Tag Match to strengthen their battle ability.
  • Each tag skill can only be assigned to one ally at a time.
  • Tag Skills’ cooldown is 60 seconds.
  • To enhance an existing Tag Skill, a certain amount of gold.
  • Each skill’s values will go up with each enhancement.
  • Maximum enhancement each skill can get is 10.
  • Tag Skills are shared between two leagues of Tag Match.

Below is a list of current tag skills at lvl1 enhancement, click the icon to reveal the description. Also, please note that these descriptions aren’t at their final version, I’ll try to update them with better translation.

A. Preloaded Skills – These skills are given for free at lvl 1:

B. Unlockable Skills – These skills are purchasable with 99 rubies per skills:

I hope this guide can help you strategize better for your tag matches 😀



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