KR 4-3 Patch Notes [Completed]


Evening guys!

As the information for the new 4-3 big update (due August 11, 2016) is scattered around, I think it’s best to put it all under one post so that you guys find it easy to read about them 😀

UPD 1 – 8/5/2016: Added initial info of teaser #1, #2 and #3

UPD 2 – 8/6/2016: Added teaser #4 info

UPD 3 – 8/8/2016: Added teaser #5 info

UPD 4 – 8/10/2016: Added more info

UPD 5 – 8/12/2016: Added final info

#1 – New Ally Upgrading System – Transcending

  • A new ally upgrading system (transcending) will be released. This system will be available for deities only.
  • There is some information I’d like to point out about this new system:
    • New type of essence: the Transcendental Essences.
      – These essences will be the sole component to upgrade your deities into their transcended forms.
      – However, these essences cannot be farmed.
      – They can only be obtained by combining three existing kinds of essences (aka Light/Hero/Titan essences) with the following rate:
      1 Light Essence + 1 Hero Essence + 1 Titan Essence = 1 Transcendental Essence
      – These new essences can stack up to 999.newess.jpg
    • This transcending process will require two things: your deity at +ULTIMATE, your Dragon Buster with the same class at ULTIMATE, 50m Gold and a 50 transcendental essences to upgrade your deity into the Transcended.
    • Your Deity will disappear after the process but the Key maintains.
    • Transcended Deities are not keys but U-grade Allies.
    • Transcended Deities cannot equip a Key since they’re on the same level.
    • You can equip a skill card for this ally.
    • To enhance your Transcended Deity, you’ll need the Transcendental Essences plus 3 SSS allies.
    • Maximum enhancement level of this deity is by now +9 (MAX). In MAX enhancement, the deity gains a MAXED passive skill.
    • These deities are the top class of “Key” class so you cannot use them in activities that have a Hero Mode.
    • Transcendental deities cannot be revived by any skills of the current group of allies/keys or a resurrection scroll. They can only be revived by Transcended Blackaria.
    • Transcendental deities are immune to any CCs, debuffs, etc from current group of allies/keys.
  • In this 4-3 update, FLINT is introducing the first batch of Transcended Deities: The Quinque Dracos. Their translated skills is available on the tier list.

#2 – New PvP Feature – Tag Match

  • A new 1v1 pvp mode will be added as we’ve seen on the trailer of this update.
  • In this mode, both team will use 5 of their allies/keys to take down the opposite team one by one.
  • A detailed post about this mode is on the wikia.

#3 – New area / level cap / monsters

  • The third area aka Citadel of Oblivion of season 4 will be open with new monsters (SSS portos incoming!!!) and supposedly a new raid.
  • Also, the level cap has been raised to 108.

#4 – Scheduling System


  • A new button has been added to the lower taskbar:


  • By default, this button will redirect you to a page called “Today’s Todo list”, which looks like this:


Everyday, there will be three quests to complete. By completing all three (except for Guild contents), you’ll receive 2 choice essence ticket. (A guide on this will be up soon)

  • The second tab of the page is called “Weekly Todo list”, which displays what to do on each weekday:


By completing all activities in one week (except for Nightmare Tower and Guild Contents), you will receive an SSS ally as a reward.

  • The third tab is the Achievement feature, which is now merged to the Schedule:


The weekly quest and daily quest has been removed due to the new Scheduling system.

  • The final tab is the GM event tab:


 #5 – Changes to equipment linking system

  • Now you can link your accessories too.

#6 – Changes in the Honor Gorge

  • Each new activities such as WBs/Arena/Nightmare Tower will now start at 00:20 AM (KST) instead of at 00:00 AM (KST) normally. This is to ensure the smoothness of the server.
  • The WB trilogy will be buffed to stronger forms!
  • The Nightmare Tower’s difficulty will be lowered. Also, there will be only seven floors instead of 10.
  • Guild Adventure’s maximum rounds will be lowered to nine with better rewards (SS robots -> SS Allies). Instead, there will be a stronger boss in the 9th round.
  • All contents are now updated with Rank #100, Rank 3% and Rank 15% rewards.

#7 – New Shop


The shop will be split into two parts: On the right is the costume shop and on the left is the item shop.

#7 – UI Improvements

  • The game is updated with a complete new UI with resized elements:

Cap_2016-08-10_21-36-43-500 (1).jpg

  • The party effect and EXP buff is located on the top left corner:


  • DB/DS/Giants now have the same frame.

#8 – Convenience changes

  • Formation now stores your allies’ equipment so that you don’t need to always equip your allies in order to defend.
  • After 15 days, if the Guild Master doesn’t log in, the Vice Guild Master/or the member with the highest XP will get the GM position.
  • Title system has been changed to the following screen:


The yellow tab indicates the recommend title for your class, and the blue tab shows all the current titles.

  • Calydon Points now get displayed while you’re on dungeon too:


#9 – Shop items changes

  • The one-time “Dragon Buster Choice” and “ULTIMATE Deity Choice” packages will be reset for those who already purchased them after the update.
  • A new package is introduced: “Dark Soul Choice”.
  • “Dragon Buster Choice” & “Dark Soul Choice” will let you choose a DB/DS and additionally 1 ULTIMATE Deity and 100 Essences (Light Essence for DB and Hero Essence for DS).
  • The 10-SSS package is updated to 12 SSS instead.
  • Essences price changes:
    • 10 SSS essence (light/hero/titan) pack is now 180 rubies – 10% OFF
    • 50 SSS essence (light/hero/titan) pack is 800 rubies – NEW & 20% OFF
    • 10 U essence (transcended) pack is 540 rubies – NEW & 10% OFF
    • 50 U essence (transcended) pack is 2400 rubies – NEW & 20% OFF
  • Premium Pets changes:
    • Scarlet Tia now gives you 200 Shoes upon purchase and 30 shoes everyday.
    • Eli Gosss now gives you 30 choice essence upon purchase and 5 choice essence everyday.
  • Gold purchase changes:
    • 10m Gold is now 100 rubies.
    • 100m Gold is now 500 rubies.

#9 – Chapter 4-3 Celebrating Event


  • Upon logging after the update, every player (new/returning/existing) will receive a Dragon Buster/Dark Soul Choice Ticket.
  • If you don’t want to receive any DB/DS, you can choose to receive 10 SSS Allies and 100 Choice Essence (SSS) instead.
  • This event lasts until August 31st, 2016.


For more detailed post, watch the wikia 😀



22 thoughts on “KR 4-3 Patch Notes [Completed]

  1. from above, “The second tab of the page is called “Weekly Todo list”, which displays what to do on each weekday:”

    hi there khang can u translate that pic u post above? the 3 boss battles understandable, but whats the words underneath mean? the 4th is guild battle i assume, so that leaves the 1st pic, the 3rd pic and last pic, what do u need to do there?

    appreciate it! 😀


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