KR 4-3 Patch Notes [Completed]


Evening guys!

As the information for the new 4-3 big update (due August 11, 2016) is scattered around, I think it’s best to put it all under one post so that you guys find it easy to read about them 😀

UPD 1 – 8/5/2016: Added initial info of teaser #1, #2 and #3

UPD 2 – 8/6/2016: Added teaser #4 info

UPD 3 – 8/8/2016: Added teaser #5 info

UPD 4 – 8/10/2016: Added more info

UPD 5 – 8/12/2016: Added final info

#1 – New Ally Upgrading System – Transcending

  • A new ally upgrading system (transcending) will be released. This system will be available for deities only.
  • There is some information I’d like to point out about this new system:
    • New type of essence: the Transcendental Essences.
      – These essences will be the sole component to upgrade your deities into their transcended forms.
      – However, these essences cannot be farmed.
      – They can only be obtained by combining three existing kinds of essences (aka Light/Hero/Titan essences) with the following rate:
      1 Light Essence + 1 Hero Essence + 1 Titan Essence = 1 Transcendental Essence
      – These new essences can stack up to 999.newess.jpg
    • This transcending process will require two things: your deity at +ULTIMATE, your Dragon Buster with the same class at ULTIMATE, 50m Gold and a 50 transcendental essences to upgrade your deity into the Transcended.
    • Your Deity will disappear after the process but the Key maintains.
    • Transcended Deities are not keys but U-grade Allies.
    • Transcended Deities cannot equip a Key since they’re on the same level.
    • You can equip a skill card for this ally.
    • To enhance your Transcended Deity, you’ll need the Transcendental Essences plus 3 SSS allies.
    • Maximum enhancement level of this deity is by now +9 (MAX). In MAX enhancement, the deity gains a MAXED passive skill.
    • These deities are the top class of “Key” class so you cannot use them in activities that have a Hero Mode.
    • Transcendental deities cannot be revived by any skills of the current group of allies/keys or a resurrection scroll. They can only be revived by Transcended Blackaria.
    • Transcendental deities are immune to any CCs, debuffs, etc from current group of allies/keys.
  • In this 4-3 update, FLINT is introducing the first batch of Transcended Deities: The Quinque Dracos. Their translated skills is available on the tier list.

#2 – New PvP Feature – Tag Match

  • A new 1v1 pvp mode will be added as we’ve seen on the trailer of this update.
  • In this mode, both team will use 5 of their allies/keys to take down the opposite team one by one.
  • A detailed post about this mode is on the wikia.

#3 – New area / level cap / monsters

  • The third area aka Citadel of Oblivion of season 4 will be open with new monsters (SSS portos incoming!!!) and supposedly a new raid.
  • Also, the level cap has been raised to 108.

#4 – Scheduling System


  • A new button has been added to the lower taskbar:


  • By default, this button will redirect you to a page called “Today’s Todo list”, which looks like this:


Everyday, there will be three quests to complete. By completing all three (except for Guild contents), you’ll receive 2 choice essence ticket. (A guide on this will be up soon)

  • The second tab of the page is called “Weekly Todo list”, which displays what to do on each weekday:


By completing all activities in one week (except for Nightmare Tower and Guild Contents), you will receive an SSS ally as a reward.

  • The third tab is the Achievement feature, which is now merged to the Schedule:


The weekly quest and daily quest has been removed due to the new Scheduling system.

  • The final tab is the GM event tab:


 #5 – Changes to equipment linking system

  • Now you can link your accessories too.

#6 – Changes in the Honor Gorge

  • Each new activities such as WBs/Arena/Nightmare Tower will now start at 00:20 AM (KST) instead of at 00:00 AM (KST) normally. This is to ensure the smoothness of the server.
  • The WB trilogy will be buffed to stronger forms!
  • The Nightmare Tower’s difficulty will be lowered. Also, there will be only seven floors instead of 10.
  • Guild Adventure’s maximum rounds will be lowered to nine with better rewards (SS robots -> SS Allies). Instead, there will be a stronger boss in the 9th round.
  • All contents are now updated with Rank #100, Rank 3% and Rank 15% rewards.

#7 – New Shop


The shop will be split into two parts: On the right is the costume shop and on the left is the item shop.

#7 – UI Improvements

  • The game is updated with a complete new UI with resized elements:

Cap_2016-08-10_21-36-43-500 (1).jpg

  • The party effect and EXP buff is located on the top left corner:


  • DB/DS/Giants now have the same frame.

#8 – Convenience changes

  • Formation now stores your allies’ equipment so that you don’t need to always equip your allies in order to defend.
  • After 15 days, if the Guild Master doesn’t log in, the Vice Guild Master/or the member with the highest XP will get the GM position.
  • Title system has been changed to the following screen:


The yellow tab indicates the recommend title for your class, and the blue tab shows all the current titles.

  • Calydon Points now get displayed while you’re on dungeon too:


#9 – Shop items changes

  • The one-time “Dragon Buster Choice” and “ULTIMATE Deity Choice” packages will be reset for those who already purchased them after the update.
  • A new package is introduced: “Dark Soul Choice”.
  • “Dragon Buster Choice” & “Dark Soul Choice” will let you choose a DB/DS and additionally 1 ULTIMATE Deity and 100 Essences (Light Essence for DB and Hero Essence for DS).
  • The 10-SSS package is updated to 12 SSS instead.
  • Essences price changes:
    • 10 SSS essence (light/hero/titan) pack is now 180 rubies – 10% OFF
    • 50 SSS essence (light/hero/titan) pack is 800 rubies – NEW & 20% OFF
    • 10 U essence (transcended) pack is 540 rubies – NEW & 10% OFF
    • 50 U essence (transcended) pack is 2400 rubies – NEW & 20% OFF
  • Premium Pets changes:
    • Scarlet Tia now gives you 200 Shoes upon purchase and 30 shoes everyday.
    • Eli Gosss now gives you 30 choice essence upon purchase and 5 choice essence everyday.
  • Gold purchase changes:
    • 10m Gold is now 100 rubies.
    • 100m Gold is now 500 rubies.

#9 – Chapter 4-3 Celebrating Event


  • Upon logging after the update, every player (new/returning/existing) will receive a Dragon Buster/Dark Soul Choice Ticket.
  • If you don’t want to receive any DB/DS, you can choose to receive 10 SSS Allies and 100 Choice Essence (SSS) instead.
  • This event lasts until August 31st, 2016.


For more detailed post, watch the wikia 😀



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    1. I just checked the patch notes after seeing that, and yes.

      The new Dracos do need their previous form at Ult, the Ult Dragon Buster, 50million gold, and 50 essence. And then 3 SSS allies and 20 essence per enhance.

      Those requirements are utterly stupid, especially with the restrictions on the Dracos (transcendant allies in general).


  1. from above, “The second tab of the page is called “Weekly Todo list”, which displays what to do on each weekday:”

    hi there khang can u translate that pic u post above? the 3 boss battles understandable, but whats the words underneath mean? the 4th is guild battle i assume, so that leaves the 1st pic, the 3rd pic and last pic, what do u need to do there?

    appreciate it! 😀


      1. glad to hear that! somehow yesterday i didn’t get the 3rd pic done… the words down there still yellow, not green. it looked like its for fortress battle, but i already do it 5/5 times. sigh, no free SSS this week for me. 🙂


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