[2.8.0] Community Game: Tiervile Mystery!


Today @Ninety (IGN: EmiUmeko / reddit: Jolteon39) and I thought that we should make a community game about crime solving, thus we agreed to bring the game inside the tier list which features all clue texts from all existing allies for you to figure out who the murderer is and who got murdered.

So how do you start the game? It’s fairly easy by following these steps:

1/ Visit the tier list.

2/ You’ll see each ally’s name box will contain a flavored text. Hover your mouse over to see the contents.


3/ Check all those texts out and try to determine: who the murderer is, who got murdered and why you come up with such conclusion. Then post them here on the comment section or the reddit post 😛

So will you be able to catch the murderer?

WRITING CREDITS:  @Ninety (IGN: EmiUmeko / reddit: Jolteon39)



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