[KR] July 7th Patch Notes

Two new giants

Colossus of Barrier – Kronos and Colossus of Judgment – Helios.

Their skills are available here.

Shabelle’s Sanctuary – Buff Selling Service (July 7th ~ July 21th)

For 5 times a day (specifically: 11 AM, 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM and 9 PM) , this icon will appear on your lobby:


Upon clicking the icon, you’ll see this menu where there are 3 buffs (randomly generated, not so sure tho) are being sold:


For each period of time above, you can only buy ONE out of three buffs.

After being purchased, the buff will appear on your buffs section just like normal ones:


These buffs last 2 hours (120 minutes) so make wise use of them!

Package Update

Essences Package 30% sale off PERMANENTLY

Essence 10+1 until July 13th

Ice Cream event ended

Nebula’s difficulty got lowered


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