I am back!


Hey guys,

For the last few weeks, I got too busy with my real life stuff (from getting a new job to trying to fit into a new place of living) so I think I owe you guys an explanation for the fact that I’ve been barely got time for Dragon Blaze and more specifically, this blog.

As a result, I wanna make up for my slacking off as I will try to write more guides and do more frequent update of the tier list. And good news is, I will also support Global version of the game from now on 😀 So stay tuned for more to come!

Oh and I did a complete revamp of the blog’s design 🙂 Hope y’all like it!

Thanks for supporting my work 😀 I’m looking forward to do more for you guys.



9 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. wow livi nice!
    it’s lovely to have you back in DB community. eventho’ you close your old blog 😦 i hope this one can bring a lot of joy and help many people 😀


  2. Livi i miss you so much, everyone worried about you!
    Thank Good you are okay, i know how life can be hard, and if you need time or something else, everyone will be supporting and helping you.
    Is so good to see your posts again.


  3. haha LOL i was like… why they call you Livi?
    Livi officially closed his blog god knows why and she didn’t give any explanation other than saying that there was a few ppl that didn’t like what she post or something like that.
    Anyways . i like the new look of the web site and is nice to see that you will be supporting global version now 🙂


  4. I’m a DB Global player and i know were far behind with KR server. thanks for the update, I salute you. please keep us posted all the time 🙂


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