Relics Guide

This is my guide for the new relic system which got released today (4/28).

  • Relics are special equipments made exclusively to be equipped on a Dragon Buster/Dark Soul to enhance the defensive stats (STA/HP/DEF/Crit Reduction/EVA/Debuff Resistance/Immunity) of the DB/DS itself. Relics can be farmed by raiding at the 1st raid of SS4 map.
  • You’ll be given one relic slot for free per each DB/DS. To unlock another slot, it will cost you 290 rubies.
  • There are currently two types of relics: SS (3 options) and SSS (4 options and 1 enchantment effect WHEN YOU GET HIT). The available effects are as follow:


  • The effects for SSS relics are permanent and unenchantable until further changes.
  • Relics can only be enhanced by using relics.
  • There’s one jewel slot for relics. However, you must unlock this slot with 49 rubies.
  • Maximum values for stats of an unenhanced SSS relic:
    • Immunity: 76.4
    • EVA: 58.4
    • Critical DMG Reduction: 18.9
    • DEF: 955
    • Debuff Resistance: 47.3
    • MAX HP: 28826
    • STA: 211

That’s it for today. Good luck raiding and getting your desired relics 😀


credits: – TIP forum.


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