[2.4.0] DB/DS List got sorted!

Hey guys, I’ve just made some tweaks to the DB/DS List:

  • Added ranking for each DB/DS.
  • Revised some ratings for DB/DS as they now have ultimate skills (this will be continuously updated).

Thanks for using my tier list ❤



2 thoughts on “[2.4.0] DB/DS List got sorted!

  1. Hi Khang! First, thank you for your tier list: it’s very informative!
    I’d like to know if the deities or awakened allies are rated with the DS/DB in mind: for example Belle Snow, is she strong on her own or the ratings take into account that she holds a key? If she’s strong on her own how well does she performs compared to a DB/DS which is rated SSS in WB too?
    Finally could we have a guide as to whom should we give which key please?

    Many thanks for reading me and keep up the good work!


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