Hey guys,

I made a quick update for the tier list with the new average score system which will be used to determine the tier for the allies. From now:

  • Allies with average score of 3.5+ will stay in SSS tier.
  • Allies with average score of 2.8~3.49 will stay in SS tier.
  • Allies with average score of 2.3~2.79 will stay in S tier.
  • Allies with average score of 0~2.29 will stay in A tier.

This system may have made many changes in the tier, but I think this will make the tier more accurate and objective since we can score the ally by their usability and not by their prominence on certain fields.

Credits of the Average Score function go to Amadeo Octobie!



5 thoughts on “[2.3.1] New Average Score system and Tier change

  1. hey good job on this! idk where to ask this, but is there any site/imgur compilation of datamined images of the allies? thanks!


      1. i mean like hd images of them… you have one at the bottom of your page but its incomplete and some arent in hd.


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