Behind the Names


I got bored today so I decided to dig into some allies’ names and how they are translated from their Korean roots.

1. Fulson (펄션): His name is actually a noun for the word “Falchion” (n. a broad, slightly curved sword with a cutting edge on the convex side.). This matches his nature of being a rogue with two curved daggers/swords. The name is then translated to a more human name, which is “Fulson”.

2. Shabelle (샤벨): This word is translated as “Saber/Sabre” (n. a heavy cavalry sword with a curved blade and a single cutting edge.). Additionally, this word is also understood as “Sabel” (or as “Shabelle” as a name), since “l” and “r” are used interchangeably in many Asian countries including Korea. Also, the fact that ‘saber’ and ‘falchion’ are two of the most popular types of sword in RPG games supports the bond between Shabelle and Fulson.

3. Windlune (윈드러너): This word means “Windrunner” (which is also a name of a popular Korean game), the name is then transformed into a more feminine and human name “Windlune”.

4. Calgar (칼카스): This word is actually a name of a Greek seer named Calchas (son of Thestor). I don’t know why they interpreted it as “Calgar”.

5. Whay (화이): Whay’s name is also a name for a movie released in 2013 named “Hwayi: A Monster Boy”, since “Hwayi” might be hard to pronounce, they changed the name to “Whay”.

6. Azur (아수르): originally “Assur/Ashur”, the name of the god of the ancient city Assyria.

7. Ragnarok (라그나로크): is the final battle between the gods and the evils in Nordic mythology. This isn’t a name of a god.

8. Tyr (티르): is a Nordic god of the same name. The only difference is that this god is one-handed and is a man.

9. Shiva (시바): is the name of a Hindu god.

10. Thanatos (타나토스): is the name of a Greek god.

11. Sasha (샤샤): Sasha is a Russian name. It is an equivalent of Greek “Alexandra” or “Cassandra” which is a character in Greek Mythology.

[To be continued]

I’ll keep updating this post once I collect enough info 😀



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