Buffs and Debuffs guide


Here’s my buffs and debuffs guide, hope you guys like it 😀



%B0%F8%B0%DD%B7%C2_%C1%F5%B0%A1.png Increases overall ATK 공격력_감소.png Decreases overall ATK
방어력_증가 Increases overall DEF 방어력감소 Decreases overall DEF
공속_증가 Increases ATK SPD 공속_감소 Decreases ATK SPD
회피_증가.png Increases EVA 회피_감소.png Decreases EVA
 적중증가.png Increases ACC 실명.png Decreases ACC
피격데미지_감소.png Reduces Incoming DMG 회복량_감소 Decreases HP Recovery
크리티컬파워_증가.png Increases CRIT chance 유성지속뎀.png Inflicts continuous fire DMG
크리티컬_증가.png Increases CRIT DMG 화염인장 Inflicts Mage’s Fire seal
일반공격력증가.png Increases Normal ATK’s DMG 중독상태 Inflicts continuous poison DMG
방어관통_증가.png Increases DEF Penetration 출혈상태 Inflicts continous DMG / Prevents HP recovery
반사 (Storm Bear’s buff)
Reflects part of the incoming DMG + has chance to stun
절대자가선언한_미래-10초후즉사(하울) (Howl’s Curse)
Inflicts a 5 sec insta-kill mark on target.
민첩_증가.png Increases DEX 치유효과뺏음(하울).png (Howl’s debuff)
Prevents the target from being healed
지능_증가 Increases INT 부활불가(할배).png Prevents the target from being revived
힘_증가.png Increases STR 심판의성서.png (Falcon’s Book Seal)
생명력_증가 Increases STA 죽음의표식(화헬) (Gaia’s flame mark)
도트힐.png Heals over time 죽음의징표(전데).png Cancels death triggered passives
보추증가 Increases Boss DMG 우라노스_도트데미지 (Uranus’ DOT DMG)
흡혈 Recovers x% of dealt dmg as health 버프금지.png Prevents the target from being buffed
화염속성_증가.png Increases fire DMG 섬화_리우엘.png (Liuel’s mark)
혹한의_빙하.png Increases ice DMG 스킬사용불가상태  Disables the target’s skills
공격력과공속증가 Increases light DMG
(Single Magnify)
Increases ATK &
도발걸린상태.png Taunts the target
암흑속성증가_및_아레나길대요새전보정(공격력감소).png Increases arcane/dark DMG 스턴상태.png Stuns the target
분노_상승.png Increases Rage 양변상태.png Transforms the target into sheep/fox/…
숨기상태 Enables Stealth (Rogues)
죽덴궁 Enables
Dance of Death (Rogues)
겨누기(궁수).png Enables Aiming (Archers)
커져라얍상태 AOE Magnify (Priests)
정의폭파 Enables Paladin’s 3rd skill
보호막상태.png Grants Paladin’s protective shield
상태이상면역상태.png Grants Immunity
 무적상태.png Grants Invincibility
 오메가_라이트닝_포스 (Omega’s Buff)
Grants the ability to stun
 우라노스리벤지.png (Uranus’ Buff)
Increases ATK
 프로미넌스플레어(스티그마) (Sigma’s Buff)
100% CRIT chance for every ATK

Image credits: cafe.naver.com/dragonblaze forum.



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