Hey folks!

I’ve translated the skills for Belle, Whay and Azur on the New Releases sheet! Be sure to check out 😀

EDIT: 1.7.1 Update – Since some people find it difficult to browse allies’ ratings in stars, I’ve changed them to characters in alphabetical orders (6 stars = SSS, 5 stars = SS, 4 stars = S, 3 stars = A, 2 stars = B, 1 star = C).

EDIT 2: (Feb 4th) Added initial tier for three newly released Awakened!



4 thoughts on “[1.7 – 1.7.2] Added Awakened Belle, Whay and Azur to New Releases!

    1. Invincibility is not so utilized as of now since there are so many allies that can wreck it 😛 Also, Mercedes is a better healer too. So she’s dropped 😛


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