Magritte, the Doll Shaman

Magritte the Doll Shaman
Doll Shaman Magritte – Skill
AFFILIATION Bodens Stats at level 99
CLASS Incanter STR
Staff Stats at level 99+ULTIMATE

Bestowed with the ability to summon all deity allies (excluding Ravengale, herself and the Awakened), Magritte has been one of the most popular and powerful allies to date.


A. PvE/PvP abilities:

  • Magritte can summon deity allies by throwing a doll into the enemies (which stuns them at a high chance), the doll then transforms into a random deity, after 12 seconds the deity then returns into a doll. This makes her really useful in running dungeons with tough enemies (as you’ll constantly have an extra member in your party); let alone the fact that she can also buff her summons and steal buffs for them.


  • So how are the summon’s stats?
    • The summon uses all of Magritte’s stats with no enhancement level added. Also it uses all of her gears’ stats.
    • If the summon is not a INT-specific class (Archers, Rogues,…), it automatically transfers Magritte’s INT to its class’ most important stat. Thus, Archers and Rogues uses her INT as DEX, Warriors and Paladins uses her INT as STR.
  • Also, her summon skill also stuns all enemies, which is extremely important when facing enemies in chapter 3 (as nearly half of those have strong aoe attacks and buff removal). When enhanced to maxed, this skill has 90% chance to stun, which hardly misses.
  • Moreover, she’s a monster in dealing aoe damages. Her first skill deals instantly 700% of her ATK to all the enemies while continously inflicts 70% of ATK each second over 12 seconds (which makes up to another 840% of ATK, awesome?). But that’s not all, her second passive is another interesting point. The passive deals 966% of ATK if her summon is alive and returns safely into a doll.
  • Lastly, she becomes a hard-to-kill stone when she successfully summons with her -80% incoming DMG passive.
  • All of her PVE abilities above can be applied to PVP strategy too. That’s why so many people have been using her since her introduction.
  • However, her WB ability is limited due to lack of debuff.

B. Equipments/Skill Card:


  • Because of the nature of Magritte’s summon using her INT as their primary stats, building an all-INT Magritte makes perfect sense (This applies to Skill Cards too, give her moar INT, lots of INT!)
  • Besides, getting her some CD reduction gears will guarantee her never-ending summon cycle too.
  • Her best weapon would be Crit DMG, Crit Chance, Weapon ATK, Weapon Max ATK/Defense Penetration.
  • Her best accessories should be earrings with increased Crit DMG and Attack Speed.
  • While weapons and accessories give her offensive stats, try to grab some defensive stats such as HP/STA/Def on armors too.

C. Formation/Party:

  • Since Magritte is actually an offensive ally to play, she may lack defensive attributes. Thus, putting her into a full DPS team may not guarantee her the best survivability. Instead, try to place her in teams that equally provides her offensive buff while keeping her alive. Your best bet would be teams with stuns, debuffs while heal consistently. Suggested teams includes: 2 Tanks, 1 DPS, 1 Healer and Magritte or 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 1 DPS and Magritte.
  • Formation may varied based on the team you choose, but the best would be: DEF+, AOE DMG-, Reflecting DMG or Additional DMG+.

D. Comparison to other Incanters:

  • Magritte is currently one the of the two Deity Incanters who can summon other allies, the other being Awakened Belle Snow.
  • Ravengale: Magritte tops Ravengale for a simple reason: her utility is far more various than Ravengale, who only beats Magritte in World Bosses.
  • The newly released Yvante could be a better replacement as a key holder because of his stats and his passives. So if you’re a heavy Iota user, you can safely replace Magritte with Yvante – ONLY ON WORLD BOSSES.

E. Facts and Trivia:


  • Magritte is one of the three material allies for Iota – the Queen Buster of World Boss!
  • She had been the most used ally as a key holder for Iota before Yvante came.
  • When she transformed into Iota, her summons disappear immediately.
  • Magritte’s normal attacks can steal’s one target’s buff for her summon AT A SET CHANCE.
  • If you give her CD reduction on her weapons, she won’t summon another ally while another is already summoned even if her CD is ready.
  • She’s a loli~
  • Her description states that she killed lots of her aquaintances including her parents, her friends, etc. yet she’s never been conscious of killing them. Thus implying that she’s a psycho and nobody wants to come near her.
  • Her doll resembles Chucky the Doll from the horror film series of the same name.
  • Polar Tracker Tracy is her only friend. This was implied in their party effect which boosts ATK SPD for the whole team.


EDIT: If you have any question about her, just drop a comment in this post 😀


24 thoughts on “Magritte, the Doll Shaman

  1. will you only do these analyses for the bodens/dracos/angels? or you’ll do the awakened characters too? cuz as a kr player im still fairly lost on a guide for them lol especially seeing as how theyre new and generally better than the former deities.. also thanks for your work!


  2. i like this blog! specially this in-depth explanation of each ally. please try to add and explain also about world bosses ( best team, formation. etc…)


  3. is this blog for korean version players only? im a global player, your blog really help a lot understanding about the game.
    please priority adding new in-depth for current and upcoming bodens. Thanks so much


    • Hello, thanks for taking your time checking out my blog. As I have said before, my tier list + my indepths are designed to work with Korean version of the game. I wouldn’t recommend to follow it while playing Global version. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t refer to the info here 😀


  4. I really like reading you 🙂

    It has been a while I’m following your tier list and I didn’t expect you to write that kind of articles.

    I’d love to see more “in depth” but also articles about some challenges (especially shari and guild adventure) and even about busters and dark souls.

    I know it can be a bit difficult as the meta continues to evolve but giving some directions to players which want to perform in some modes and giving them the opportunity to see where some allies or keys are useful in many modes can help.

    I know it takes a while to make that kind of articles so I won’t be impatient bit I do really look forward to reading that from you.

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done so far and I wish you the best.



    • Hey! Thanks for your kind words and your support!
      I’m trying to do at least two indepths a month so I guess I can pull some challenges article too 😀 That’d take some time but I will definitely come up with those 😛


  5. Hi, i just want to verify about skill card for Magritte the Doll Shaman, in your in-depth knowledge skill card was INT but in your TIER LIST her skill card was STA.


  6. just found your blog,a lot of useful informaiton here,thanks for the effort.

    one quesiton,should i deify my whay into magritte or get awakened whay?


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