So the first five Bodens will finally be released in Global servers on February 2nd. And as they’re coming, Global has made many preview posts containing teasers for its upcoming big update.

And here we go again at the naming process of our favorite allies.

Well you can go on and debate that naming is not neccessary for a game as long as you get the same features and skills and animations and such. But to me, I enjoy more of Dragon Blaze than just playing the game. I enjoy the story, the lores, the music, the game direction, the development of the game, etc. As a result, I felt really ANNOYED that despite all the good work they put into the English version of the game, they haven’t been so “good” at naming allies.

Don’t get me wrong, names are extremely important to the game story (in case you don’t care about the lore/story, stop reading :P). For example, Bliss Foxy is not an appropriate name for an antagonist who does filthy things just to fulfill her studies. On the other hand, Arrow Trigger or even Manalandy don’t sound like they are Human names at all, just saying.

It’s not like I’m not grateful of all the efforts Global have been putting into the game, I just feel that they don’t show much appreciation to the originality of the game and thus pay respect to its devs/players.

While I’m not hoping Global would change their mind and rename the whole bunch of allies they have already set to release, I really really wish Global would pay more attention to the lore/the story/the naming of the characters/allies from now on, because to some people who actually enjoy the story of the game, those are the only things they have been looking forward to in the language they could understand 🙂



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