[1.6.1] Labyrinth removed, save the Princess instead!

Hi there Bodens!

In accordance to the newest update which replaced the Labyrinth function with a new game mode called “Princess Rescue Program”, I’ve also updated the sheet with revised ratings for each ally while renaming the “Labyrinth” column to “P.R.P”, be sure to check it out 😛

Thanks for reading~

EDIT: since some Global Players requested that I should keep the Labyrinth column as a reference for future Global Server, I have re-added the column in both sheets.



4 thoughts on “[1.6.1] Labyrinth removed, save the Princess instead!

  1. If i read the rewards correct, The gold is way lower now compared to the Lab. Not to mention the allies we used to get for the floors in Lab. I’m also thinking there will be a lot more strategy involved to get higher ranks in New Princess thing. To early to tell if Im a fan or not


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