[] Tier updated for January 7th Update


With the translation help of my friend Patrick (IGN: Rook), I’ve updated the allies tier list with skills changes of Septem Archangeli, Shiva and Tyr 😀 Check it out!

Oh don’t forget to vote for your most wanted features to be added to the list at the homepage, just scroll down a bit and you’ll see a poll 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

EDIT: I haven’t updated the their tiers yet, it will take a while before I finally decide which tier they belong to. So stay tuned 🙂

EDIT 2 (11/1/2016): Updated the list with adjusted tier for Septem Archangeli.



6 thoughts on “[] Tier updated for January 7th Update

  1. I’m soo excited of the modifications of the Septem Archangelis and can’t wait to see the changes in your tier list. Hope u have time this weekend to do the changes ^^

    Keep that hard work on!


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