My Translation of the Deities’ sayings.

Quinque Dracos

  1. Deathcrown: Everything in my world is denied.
  2. Bloodwind: I’m paying off my debts. (banks say hi!)
  3. Blackaria: Your death is near… Yet life moves on. (ouch! at Ackard)
  4. Brightspark: Death is another beginning.
  5. Greysoul: Tell me… What am I to you?…

Septem Archangeli

  1. LLywelyn: What a handsome folk! (Can I touch you?)
  2. Ravengale: You’re not worthy… You’re weak as hell.
  3. Gaela: Let me see you through my sharp eyes.
  4. Farrah: How about being stuffed with carrots?
  5. Piyoel: Your time is running out…
  6. Mikaela: People say not to cry when fisting!
  7. Kymael: No need for introduction of God’s solemnity here!

The Bodens

  1. Howl: I am the beginning and the end to this world.
  2. Kahlen: Tell me… Howl… THE TRUTH!
  3. Falcon: Unlike you, my alcohol stays in my mind.
  4. Liz: Prepare to be hung up on my thread of fate!
  5. Magritte: Hi! Can we play together?
  6. Paula: Run for your life!
  7. Tigger: I will recreate you with my crossbow!
  8. Randy: Can’t you hear the world is unfolding its last breath?
  9. Hawk: Death means equality.

The Awakened

  1. King Gram: I will reclaim everything I had lost.
  2. Mercedes: I just want to be together with him…
  3. Loki: Even the Darkness is the definition of me.
  4. Ackard: Dear friend, did you touch me with your sword?
  5. Fulson: It’s still me. But with sharper edges and clearer mind.
  6. Shabelle: Gosh! I don’t want your noise! (haha)
  7. Lucienne: Fear not the spirit of the Dark.
  8. Patta: Never forfeit the mission, unless you’re dead.
  9. Windlune: Any solid wall will crack when I pull my arrows.
  10. Tinuvian: You will leave this world slowly, painfully and beautifully.
  11. Lolo: One, two, three… See you in Vegas! Bam!
  12. Calgar: Being born in my time is a misfortune for you!
  13. Yvante: My little demons! This world is now yours!
  14. Lilith: I’ll gift you with the eternal sweetness.
  15. Karang: Taste my Nordic Hammer!
  16. Belle: Welcome to the Adventurers’ Inn!
  17. Whay: The Immortal Flame is guarding me…
  18. Azur: From now on, the world is dominated by the Orc!

The Dark Souls

  1. Ragnarok: “It’s been a long time.”
  2. Tyr: “Pathetic!”
  3. Thanatos: “Doesn’t matter you’re dead or alive, I will kill you.”
  4. Shiva (to Kumar): “Stop ****ing eating!”

I will keep this post updated XD




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