[1.2.5] Falcon being dropped?!?!

Yesterday, I published the 1.2.5 version of the tier list. I have to say this was the most challenging update I’ve made. The update includes:

  • Added Awakened Calgar (SS) and Awakened Lolo (S) to the tier.
  • Promoted the following allies to SSS tier:
    • Awakened Shabelle (from SS)
    • Steel Wall Kahlen (from SS)
    • Awakened Fulson (from SS)
  • Promoted the following allies to SS tier:
    • Paula Tracy (from S)
  • Demoted the following allies to SS tier:
    • Drunken Falcon (from SS)

So why this was the most challenging one to do?

  • About the Awakened Calgar and Lolo: They both seems to be very good for Hydra World Boss with stuns. But Calgar topped Lolo as he dealt more damage and more effective skills. So Calgar will stay in SS for a while for his WB elements. As for Lolo, at first she seems op with all those De-Falcon and stun skills and aoe normal attacks. While in reality, she has only one home which is the Arena (and maybe a bit of Hydra) due to her one-trick nature.
  • Awakened Shabelle, Fulson and Steel Wall Kahlen are all promoted to SSS: Doubtlessly, Shabelle’s usability in Arena, Lab, Tower of Trial, WBs, even normal dungeons have proven us she is SSS worthy. Similarly, Fulson also tops the chart for his huge damages and his opness in Arena, Golem and the Tower of Trials. As for Kahlen, he has always been a “tank god” even before the Awakened arrived with his two Taunts, relfects and self-heal. I mean, I have no hesitation to place him back into the SSS.
  • Paula Tracy is moved to SS: She’s the only worthy Boden Archer to be placed in SS tier. The best part about her is that she can summon a bear which deals high damage while other archers rely on their bows/crossbows/guns.
  • Falcon… dropped? Yes, Falcon is dropped for the following reasons:
    • Chapter 3 Area 3 onwards renders his invincibility (which is his main specialty) useless with mobs that breaks the invincibility.
    • With the arrivals of Lolo, his invinciblity is also useless in Arena (where she is now a queen).
    • His WB effectiveness has diminished as nowaways, we have much better choices for WBs (Lucienne, Fulson,… say hi!)
    • Yup those are pretty much everything I could think of right now. But basically Falcon is being jeopardized for the game has changed with many De-Falcon factors.

Okay that’s it for 1.2.5 update! If you have any question feel free to put it up here.

Thank you!



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